All About Forms: From paper forms to web forms

There is a new version of FormsWizard v5 as well as new enhancements to the Web Form builder in the Business edition of PlanPlus Online.   Both of these types of forms can save you time and improve your effectiveness by getting the right details in the right place, at the right time. In this post we take a closer look at 2 of the FranklinCovey Software form offerings.

A new version of FormsWizard is now available.  FormsWizard has been a perennial best seller for customers who want to print and re-print the forms they need to stay organized right from their own printer.  FormsWizard v5 has the following new features:

  • Daily and Monthly Planner Forms
  • Better Than a Yellow Pad note-taking forms
  • Ten new themes including 7 Habits
  • Enhanced label printing features and more

FormsWizard is an excellent planning tool that allows you to get all your key planning forms and store them electronically on your computer. Users can do several things with this flexible software including:

  • Choose from a very large list of forms
  • Choose the size you need
  • Choose a planner theme
  • Add data or just print blank forms

Forms are available for basic or daily planning, health and fitness, personal management, business, project management, real estate, home and family, finance, and many more. FormsWizard also includes many of your favorite forms from the FranklinCovey workshops. The product is designed to allow the user to choose a form, add data, and quickly print it so they have their key information with them wherever they go. The forms can be printed over and over again, saving time and money.

FormsWizard v5 is all new and is only priced at only $39.95. This is a great tool for a very low price and will help you stay organized and effective.

To learn more, click this link: FormsWizard v5
FormsWizard 5 Video
Web Forms in PlanPlus Online Business Edition Video