A Beautiful New Beginning of Productivity

A cleaner interface makes your daily interactions simpler and more intuitive. A robust infrastructure paves the way for a road of innovation such as robust API integrations, multi-platform sync and new native iOS and Android apps.

Re-tooled Primary Components

Aurora features some improved functionality across key components of the system, such as primary navigation (below), and slide out sections for creating new recrods that maximize the screen real estate.

Subtle improvements like these help to improve your overall experience in PlanPlus.

Interface Hierarchy

Hierarch in any layout is important - as users we tend to expect certain elements in certain areas, and when they aren't there...we get confused, frustated, and we lose time instead of being more productive.

Colors as Compasses

We've tried to use a standardized color scheme to indicate general types of actions in PlanPlus Online. You'll notice, for example, elements with blue backgrounds tend to be primary operators in the interface, changing or revealing data. Where orange elements indicate an action that will take you to another area of the application.

The human eye is drawn to color. The more we can properly place these elements the quicker your eye can track to them, and again, the more efficient you will be inside PlanPlus Online.

Building for the Future

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of Aurora doesn't immediately pop off the screen. We've been hard at work building the Aurora Framework so that it's sync-ready across all the major platforms. Soon, you'll be able to sync your on, and off-line PlanPlus data with Google, Outlook 365, Exchange, iCloud and Android.

How to Get Aurora

It's pretty easy. Just login! Aurora is the new version of PlanPlus Online. It is still PlanPlus Online, but instead of, say, version 1-160.2, this is just...Aurora.

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