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I provide specialized Marketing to assist the Sales Department, focusing on generating qualified and potential revenue generating leads. I also handle social media, assist with SEO, and assist Training and Account Management with Professional Services, providing customer support focused on improving customer satisfaction and retention.
19 01, 2016

Manage Time Better: A how-to for interruption-based professions


Let's face it – we're all busy and face many interruptions, and that can make time management difficult--no matter how diligent we are about organizing, scheduling, and rescheduling our tasks. Having a routine schedule can make it easier to streamline and group our tasks and activities, but not every profession or job lends itself to [...]

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30 05, 2014

2014 Sales Force Automation Buyer Trends


There is a growing demand for effective and affordable SFA (Sales Force Automation) software solutions. But who is buying SFA software, and what are they looking for? According to a 2014 study by Software Advice, a large proportion of prospective SFA buyers are small businesses with 20 or fewer employees, the majority of buyers are [...]

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7 04, 2014

Springtime Goals and New Beginnings


It’s already April and spring is right around the corner… This week is the perfect time to reflect on the progress of our New Year’s Resolutions and goals for 2014. Over the past few months, many of us have drifted, forgotten about, or maybe even given up on our New Year’s Resolutions and goals for [...]

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17 03, 2014

Take a Lunch Break to Optimize Your Day


Have you ever noticed a difference between the days you take a lunch break versus the days you work straight through lunch? It’s not always easy to squeeze time into our busy schedules, but taking a lunch break will actually improve your afternoon productivity and effectiveness. Taking a break, even for just 15 or 20 [...]

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7 01, 2014

How to Be More Persuasive: The Benefit Exchange Principle


The principle of benefit exchange is a key concept that you need to focus on to become more persuasive. This concept revolves around making the the person who you are trying to convince, influence, or persuade understand where you’re coming from and showing them what they will get out of taking your […]

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30 12, 2013

Front Loading Your Work Schedule


After a few days of rest and relaxation, it can be difficult to come in to work and be productive on a Monday. The popular movie, Office Space, describes this all too familiar experience as “a case of the Mondays.” It’s ironic that the first day back to work, after recharging our batteries all weekend, is [...]

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23 12, 2013

Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution This Year


The New Year is a time of celebration and reflection. It allows you to look back over the past year and celebrate your successes as well as focus on the things in your life that need improvement. Although making a New Year’s resolution is very popular, few individuals actually reach their goals. Of the 40% [...]

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4 12, 2013

Keys to Collaborating Successfully


Anybody can stand to benefit from collaboration with another person, business, or company. Collaboration will allow you to give and receive ideas that will help both you and the person you’re collaborating with. Here are a few tips….. […]

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2 12, 2013

Productivity in the Modern World


The ability of a business or individual to increase their productive output is an important facet of business culture. Being able to get more done more quickly is central to the American work environment. Productivity is the ability to….. […]

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2 12, 2013

Maximize Your Time During the Holidays


With the holidays here, many people are finding that their schedules are, for lack of a better word, stuffed. Here's some ideas about how to maximize your time during the holidays. Between the increased demands of friends and family, with the ever present need to work and complete mundane tasks, it can seem like there [...]

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