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3 05, 2018

How less than ideal conditions are perfect conditions for success


Recently, Desiree Linden became the first American woman to win the Boston marathon in 33 years. For a little perspective, 33 years ago the Soviet Union was still kicking, an actor named Ronald Reagan became President, and Marty McFly became the first person to time travel in a DeLorean. Linden won the marathon in what [...]

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18 04, 2018

What can the cult classic The Sandlot teach you about leadership?


Examples of great leaders can be found even in your own neighborhood baseball diamond. Just over 25 years ago, the world was introduced to Smalls, Squints, Ham Porter, Yeah Yeah, and of course Benny “the jet” Rodriguez in the cult classic Sandlot. Much of the film was actually filmed not far from our headquarters here [...]

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13 04, 2018

Is good feedback the secret to improvement?


Did you know that good feedback is the key to improvement? Let me show you what I mean… How many speed limit signs did you see on your way to work today? Can you remember seeing any? Honestly, I can’t remember any either. In fact, if you traveled to work on a familiar route, there’s [...]

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4 04, 2018

Are you willing to do the one thing that will make you happy?


How many of you feel you’re more productive when you’re feeling happy? Because we’re human, we spend a lot of time—consciously, and unconsciously—thinking about our own happiness. After all, our nation was formed on the right to pursue happiness. I remember few years ago reading the results of one of many studies on happiness. The [...]

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27 03, 2018

The Pac-Man approach to goal achieving


Back in ancient days, well, the 1980s, there was an arcade game that conquered the world called Pac-Man. Don’t believe me? Go ask your parents if they played! Pac-Man is considered a classic and an icon of 1980s popular culture—in fact it even had an animated TV series and a top-ten hit single called “Pac-Man [...]

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20 03, 2018

First, let me finish. Then interrupt.


One of the most common complaints we hear has to with something that is so fundamentally a part of the modern workplace, it’s almost impossible to avoid. In fact, we all have to deal with it. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded interruption. Here are a few suggestions about managing and minimizing workplace interruptions. Stop [...]

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13 03, 2018

Make excellence a habit


Our offices here at PlanPlus Online are located on John Stockton Boulevard, named after a local sports hero. In the 1997 Western Conference Finals, John Stockton made a last second three to send the Jazz to the NBA finals. Around here, when you refer to “The Shot” everyone knows you’re referring to this miracle basket. [...]

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7 03, 2018

Efficiency vs. effectiveness, what’s the difference?


When you’re in the daily battle of getting things done on your task list—are you being efficient, or being effective? The last thing you probably want right now is a vocabulary lesson—but there’s only two words, and learning the difference between efficient and effective will actually increase your overall productivity. Being efficient Efficiency is how [...]

Efficiency vs. effectiveness, what’s the difference?2019-01-10T18:56:29+00:00
27 02, 2018

Which road will you take?


In his classic poem “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost talks about how the road he was walking on while in the woods separated into two roads leading in different directions. He had to decide which of the two he would take. By taking the one less traveled, his life was changed. Frost’s point was [...]

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13 02, 2018

Do you have this phobia?


It’s not uncommon to have a phobia. But you may have this one and not even know it. Kakorrhaphiophobia is the fear of failure—and who doesn’t have a little of that, am I right? Interestingly enough, the major symptom of kakorrhaphiophobia isn’t actual failure—it’s paralysis. You don’t do anything because you’re afraid you might fail [...]

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12 02, 2018

Why highly productive people use Time Blocking


If you’ve been out driving, you’ve probably seen those orange cones and barricades on the road. Even though it’s inconvenient for drivers, those barricades keep traffic from areas that are being worked on—so that workers can do the repairs without dodging cars. Don’t you wish during the day you could set up barricades around your [...]

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7 02, 2018

Can you be a leader without a title?


How many of you feel you’re not a leader because you don’t have a “leader’s title”? When we think of what a “leader’s title” is, we often confuse it with a “boss’s title” such as manager, director, president, or CEO. But there’s a difference between being a boss and being a leader—to start off, you [...]

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