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an Advanced CRM System with a Productivity Advantage

Building better business begins by building better people. PlanPlus Online Business Edition is the only software product that combines a proven productivity engine used by over 15 million people with powerful Customer Relationship Management system.  With collaboration, sales, marketing, and project management features, PlanPlus Online’s Business CRM solution enables productivity and ensures accountability within your organization.

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Keep All of Your Schedules Organized

Calendaring is a critical component of any planning system. This calendar allows you to drag-and-drop tasks to create appointments, color code appointments, create recurring appointments, set appointment alerts and reminders, link notes to appointments and invite external contacts to appointments via email. You can also integrate calendars from other calendaring programs into your PlanPlus Online calendar.

  • Drag & Drop Tasks to Appointments
  • Color Coded Appointment Categories
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Appointment Alerts & Reminders
  • Invite External Contacts to Appointments via Email
  • External Calendar Integration

Mission, Values, Roles, Goals, and Tasks

Start your week by reviewing your Mission Statement and Values. Next, review your Roles and identify the most important activity to keep your life balanced and your saw sharpened. Then move on to review your Goals and add any related Goal Intermediate Steps to your weekly Calendar or Task List.

  • Mission Statement Builder
  • Identify Values
  • Goals and Intermediate Steps
  • Big Rocks and Compass

Online Goal Planning Made Easy

To achieve success personally or professionally, you must have Goals. PlanPlus Online allows you to track your Goals and their Intermediate Steps progress. Keeping your eyes on your Goals will create the energy, focus, and determination required to achieve them.

  • Create Goals
  • Identify Intermediate Steps
  • Drag & Drop Goals and Steps to your Calendar
  • Drag & Drop Goals and Steps to your Task List

Prioritized Task Management

Knowing what Tasks are most important will increase your productivity. Spend less time sorting through long lists of TO-DOs or paper checklists and more time accomplishing important objectives. PlanPlus Online makes it easy to keep track of all your Tasks and prioritize them using the ABC-123 system. The Quick Prioritize Wizard provides a useful interface for drag & drop Task Management based on day and importance. Delegated Tasks are delivered via email to the recipient and all updates are tracked in your PlanPlus Online account. The recipient of a delegated task does not need to have a PlanPlus account.

  • Prioritized Tasks
  • Daily and Master Tasks
  • Forward Tasks to Today
  • Drag & Drop to Calendar
  • Quick Prioritize Wizard

Maximize Your Effectiveness by Delegating Appropriate Tasks

PlanPlus Online allows you to delegate Tasks to external users. The recipient will receive the Task in their email and be able to update the task status and mark it as complete when they’ve finished.

  • Assign Tasks to External Contacts via an Email Address
  • Task Recipient does not need to have a PlanPlus Online account
  • Feedback from delegated task is updated in your PlanPlus Online account

Use PlanPlus™ Online Anytime, Anywhere on your Smartphone

PlanPlus Online is now available on a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Your online data is now synced “offline” to your phones native storage. This makes it possible to access your data without an internet connection.

Log in to your PlanPlusOnline account to get access to the mobile apps.  Click the gear icon in top right of the account, then Start Page.

Individual and Group Calendar Sharing

Calendar sharing is an essential element for productivity in a group, team, or entire company. Improve your collaboration efforts and scheduling capacity by understanding who is available, when resources are available, and when external contacts need to be invited to appointments.

  • View other Users’ Calendars
  • Color-Code Appointments
  • Create Multiple Calendar Sharing Groups
  • Personal Page that allows you to share your Calendar with the world and allow external web visitors to request appointments during your available times

Complete Marketing Tools

PlanPlus Online includes an integrated Email Center that can accommodate multiple POP or IMAP accounts. Each account can be kept separate for keeping your personal email apart from your business emails. For outgoing messages, you can choose which email address to show as the sender.

  • Multiple Inbound/Outbound Accounts
  • Create Contact Record from Email
  • Save Text or HTML Email Templates
  • Transfer Email to Task/Appt/Note/ Contact/Opportunity
  • Access from Any Computer

Better Managed Relationships

PlanPlus allows you to track separately the contacts that you work with as well as the organizations they belong to. Organize all of the important details such as Organization or Contact information and link notes, calls, tasks, appointments, and emails to each Contact or Organization’s history.

  • Link Contact(s) to Organizations, Opportunities, and Leads
  • Classify and Categorize Contacts and Organizations
  • Save Emails, Appointments, Calls, Tasks, and Notes in Contact or Organization History

Keep Track of Your Sales Pipeline

Keep track of your sales pipeline by Sales Stage, Forecast Status, Win Probability, Close Date, Sales Rep, Channel Source and many more options.

  • Customizable Sales Stages
  • Pipeline Reports
  • Win Probabilities
  • Close Date

Manage All Your Projects Online

We all manage projects, some big and some small. With PlanPlus™ Online you can manage customer projects, company projects, new hire plans, event plans, travel plans, service projects, and many more project types. Utilize existing projects and their tasks to build a project template for future use. Ensure success without forgetting a step. PlanPlus™ Online allows you to assign a start and end date, prioritize, drag & drop, and delegate for an easy-to-use project management solution.

  • Project Templates
  • Your Team will be up and running in minutes
  • Delegate Project Tasks like never before (internal & external)
  • External View of Project Status
  • Time Tracking for Tasks
  • See the Progress of your Projects from anywhere

Real-Time Dashboards

Customizable, Real-Time Dashboards provide instant access to real-time analysis that is needed to make the best decisions. Dashboards provide critical metrics with animated Flash Charts to identify trends and act immediately on them.


Pre-configured, one-click — Customized Dashboards provide decision-making information to each sales role, from sales representatives to executives.

  • The real-time dashboard is an executive’s or manager’s “Main Page” to display critical metrics the instant they log-in.
  • Sales representatives utilize the sales opportunity chart to identify their most valuable opportunities.
  • Sales managers utilize the pipeline chart to identify clogs and increase pipeline velocity.
  • Executives utilize the sales status and stages to predict future revenue.

Real-Time Reports

PlanPlus Online Dashboards provide real-time analysis of your business. These reports will give you the competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business world. Most reports enable drill-downs into the actual data to see each sales opportunity or details presented from the graph or chart.

Dashboard Exports

PlanPlus Online Dashboard charts and reports are available for export in PDF, HTML and CSV data formats. Sales managers now have the ability to instantly publish their reports to executives and sales team members.

  • Single Page to Manage Business Processes
  • Confirm Sale Trends — React with Confidence
  • Accurate Performance Reports
  • Instant Real-Time Reports

Sales Forecasting Tools for Success

Sales forecast win probabilities can be manually set by the sales reps or they can be driven by rules associated with the sales stage. Additionally, a manager can set up a quota for each sales rep and compare performance versus quotas.

  • Improve Accountability
  • Improve Visibility
  • Compare Quota Vs. Forecast
  • Automated or Manual Forecasting
  • Automated, Scheduled Reports can be sent to managers, or executives
  • Use the Default or Configure Custom Sales Processes and Forecasting Sales Stages

Custom Workflow

PlanPlus Online’s Sales Force Automation (SFA) module enables sales managers to achieve the maximum potential from each sales associate. Customizable to their company’s products, services, sales channels and competitive position, they can design and implement their sales workflow or methodologies. PlanPlus Online combines your “Best Practices” and workflow methodologies to increase sales. It enables sales managers to apply “what their best sales performers know” and to guide others to become top performers. Workflows enable managers to quickly identify and react to changes in their sales pipeline performance.

Automatic Triggers and Processes

Design each workflow with automatic triggers to update field values, send email, create appointments and tasks. As internal processes evolve, you can quickly branch to the appropriate workflow and maintain complete sales history activity.

Workflow Rules

Institute your best practices to coach each sales representative to be a top performer. Then adjust and optimize the sales workflow to maximize your ROI.

Automatic Workflow Templates

Ensure easy and prompt follow-through or escalate sales opportunities to a more experienced sales representative. Stay in contact with your prospects and deliver a series of messages with automatic pre-defined templates for emails, appointments and tasks.

  • Make every sales representative a Top Performer
  • Automate sales interaction scripts, rules, etc.
  • Ensure sales opportunities are not lost
  • Standardize your Best Practices

Create Custom Webforms to collect information directly from your website

Webforms are forms that can capture information from your website and send the information directly to your PlanPlus Online account in the form of a Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Case and more (varies by edition). Design your own forms using Custom Fields.

PlanPlus Online webforms can be configured to automatically send an automatic reply and a series of sequential emails to the website visitor. As the site owner, you or your sales team can also recieve an email each time the form is filled out.

  • Capture Leads directly from your website
  • Design your own forms with Custom Fields
  • Auto-Responder and Drip Email Campaigns
  • Automatically Assign New Leads to sales reps

Customizable Layouts Available

Creating Custom Page Layouts is the simpest way to make your PlanPlus Online account feel like a custom-designed web application. Do you have forms or paperwork that you would like to get rid of? Automate your data-capture and sorting capabilities by creating Custom Fields and Drop-Down menus.

  • Endless Colors & Layout Possibilities
  • 10+ Field Types
  • Control Record Privacy
  • Calculating Number Fields
  • Calculating Strings for 3rd Party Website Integration

Lead Management Module Available

If your business involves prospecting from Lead lists, the Leads Module is what you need. Track Leads by source, report on calls to Leads, track Leads converted to Opportunites or Customers.

  • Manage Leads by Import Session or Batch
  • Convert Leads to Customer or Contact
  • Convert Leads to Opportunity
  • Assign Leads to sales reps
  • Click-to-Call Dialing Integration with Skype, Jajah, SIP & other custom phone systems

Blast and Drip Email Campaigns

Blast Campaigns are excellent for monthly newsletters, special offers or just sending a quick message to a large number of records. Each email is delivered with a single user and email address in the “To” line. This keeps you from sharing your entire email lists every time you do a mailing. Each email campaign is tracked using a special tracking code that allows you to pinpoint who opened your emails and what links they clicked on.

Drip Campaigns are excellent for a creating a series of emails that follow a specified order. If you are welcoming new customers to your product or new members to your organization, you might create a “Welcome to our Service” Drip Campaign. These Drip Campaigns can be manually attached to a single record, attached to a group of records, or can be attached daily based on a query routine that searches for records meeting a certain profile and starts them on the campaign.

  • 700+ Templates Available
  • Schedule or Send Now
  • Set it & Forget it Drip Email Campaigns
  • Merge Contact fields
  • Open % Reports
  • Link Click-Thru Reports
  • Anti-SPAM Compliant

Management Anytime, Anywhere on any Browser

PlanPlus Online can be your central repository for important documents. Documents can be stored based on a folder structure that you define. Control access privileges to sensitive documents. PlanPlus Online makes it easy to store new hire paperwork, marketing literature, company forms, customer documents, project documents, personal documents and more. All of the documents can be easily included in emails or email templates for users with access to the documents.

Organized — Accessible Documents

All customer communication is stored in their contact notes history log. Since PlanPlus Online is an on-demand, Web-based application, documents are available anytime and anywhere.

Access Control to Notes

Complete access control for each note and their attached documents. This full control provides easy access to important customer information.

Never Lose a Quote or Invoice

Sales quotes are never lost since they are generated and stored in each sales opportunity. Then automatically update, clone or convert each quote to an invoice. It’s in one complete system so documents are never lost.

  • One place with all the latest information
  • Documents available anytime, anywhere
  • Access control by user
  • Never lose important sales quotes or invoices
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