brand new planning!

Let's get to the point...Planning

We've completely redesigned your weekly planning experience to help you get 2019 off to a great start! Check out some of the new features and designs below

Roles Now managing your most important things to do across all of your roles is as easy as ever! Quickly define your roles and identify what's truly most important for this week.

Calendar Color.
Now you can associate a default calendar category for your roles, so when you start timeblocking your activities the appointments will have that category and color!

New! Emojis!
Bring a little life to your roles inside your PlanPlus account by adding an emoji!

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Goals Goals are more robust! With added support for both start and end date, progress indicators and explicit due dates for each of your goal steps achieving your goals is easier than ever!

Start & end dates.
Now you can clearly defnine when you plan to start on a goal and set when the goal should be completed.

By associating your goals with the roles you fill you can focus on the areas of life where you want to achieve.

Goal step due date.
Get as granular as you like by setting a specific due date for each goal step!

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