Love using paper? FormsWizard is for you!

If you love using a paper planner—but hate having to buy a new one every year, FormsWizard is for you!

FormsWizard allows you to plan and print your daily schedule (available in four planner sizes!) and also includes many of the forms used in many FranklinCovey workshops including Focus, The 4 Disciplines, The 7 Habits, and Project Management.

Using FormsWizardThere are 100’s of forms you can use for everything from creating an exercise log, keeping track of goals, organizing automobile service information, to creating debt elimination schedules.

In addition to personal and family planning and management pages, FormsWizard includes business forms like the meeting planner, contact log, and client file forms. It also includes project management forms for such things as: project initiation, key stakeholder interviews, and hot spot management.

FormsWizard also features daily pages, which allow you to select any given day and print that page in the size you need. You can even type right in the form before printing (especially nice if you can’t read your own handwriting). Not ready to print? No problem. Save the work you’ve done and come back later.

Download FormsWizard today–only $29.95!

Ask yourself, how long has it been since you spent some time reviewing your governing values and writing clarifying statements? How about the 4 Disciplines of Execution–one of FranklinCovey’s most popular courses on closing the execution gap?

FormsWizard includes many of the forms you may have forgotten about or misplaced since your training. FormsWizard has a form for virtually any event, log, register, or record you would need!

FormsWizard includes stylish themes to add to any form. Try something simple like Monticello or maybe something fun like baseball to personalize your planner. There are dozens of options to fit your personality and preference.

FormsWizard has a number of useful forms even if you’re a trying to go paperless. How about using the health provider form for keeping important emergency contacts on the refrigerator for your babysitter, or the menu planner for the next camping trip with your youth group? There’s sure to be a form to improve your planning and effectiveness no matter what your current planning practices.

Download FormsWizard today–only $29.95!