How do I make my Microsoft Outlook look like that?

The following letter was sent to us by a long-time fan of PlanPlus for Outlook. Upon receiving it, this led us to think about just how many people might be missing out on the positive impact such a tool can have on productivity….

“I recently  accepted a position with a large firm and the first thing on my task list was to…

“I recently accepted a position with a large firm and the first thing on my task list was to install PlanPlus for Outlook on my new computer. I have used this valuable tool for many years and really can’t live without it. I wondered if the IT department would let me install what I believe I needed to do my job well and to get organized. It might seem funny, but this was my biggest concern as I started my new job. At the first chance I had to sit down at my new computer, I installed the software and began to adjust it to my liking. Just as I got my PlanPlus setup complete, a couple of my new co-workers stopped by to welcome me and said, “Is that Outlook? How do I get my Outlook to look like that?” Those questions led to a forty minute discussion about PlanPlus for Outlook and how I have successfully used the application to manage tasks, goals and to really to manage my life for the past fifteen years. I went on about my story and how I can’t live and work without this important tool. After our discussion, they all went out and got a copy of PlanPlus for themselves and quickly set it up.

Most people that I come in contact with are or were big fans of the FranklinCovey planning system, they are just not aware of the tools and applications the company offers today. Once I showed my co-workers the powerful and easy way to use the features of PlanPlus and how they could see and manage information in Outlook with this particular FranklinCovey planning tool, they wanted to use it.” ~ Simon Brady

Upon receiving this email I sent back a reply and asked what it was that he loved about it and what he might say to other people interested in using it. Here is the reply I received…

“PlanPlus for Outlook has a couple of key features that make this planning tool a must-have. First, the “Home” view is vital to being organized. I can see my tasks, calendar, email, and more, all in one view. I live in this view and work from it every day.

Capturing tasks is very easy and nothing falls behind. Dragging Outlook email from my inbox to my task list is one of the best features ever created. Using drag and drop to manage my tasks is so simple and yet very powerful. The ABC-123 FranklinCovey system is timeless and works very well for tasks. The software keeps me on my toes and I always know what tasks are at the top of my list. Whether I’m adding tasks today, or in the future so they don’t fall through the cracks, or just sorting tasks already on my list, the tool simply works. In my new position, I added about forty or so tasks right off the bat that I needed to capture and work on. This powerful, yet simple tool is already helping me to be productive, which can be hard in a new place. There are other very useful features, too, including Project management and so much more!

I guess I would say it this way: If you use Outlook but do not have PlanPlus for Outlook as one of your key productivity tools, you are missing out. You might be missing out on the ability to be more productive and effective in your work and personal life.

I would highly recommend PlanPlus for Outlook – you should really give it a look.

As you can see from this glowing testimonial, we could not have said it better ourselves. If you are an Outlook user, I would really encourage you to give it a try. – P.S. PlanPlus for Outlook v7 is now compatible with Outlook 2010.

– Keith Norris

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