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Forms Wizard 5.0 (for Windows)

Simplify your Planning experience with software designed to print all the forms you need to stay organized. Just populate the forms with your information and, voila, they’re ready to print and fit in FranklinCovey Monarch, Classic, Compact, Pocket, or international size (A5) binders.

New to version 5.0 :

  • New Forms
    • Daily Pages
    • Monthly Calendars
  • New Themes
    • 7 Habits, Corner Stone, In the Game, Kaleidoscope, Metropolitan, Passport, Perspective, Rhapsody, Simplicity, Vantage
  • Label Printing Enhancements
    •  Print by First Name, Last Name, Company
    • Include suffix
    • 1st Name & Spouse
    • Return Labels
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Standard Features :

  • Over 100 forms to personalize with your choice of fonts and text.  Some popular forms no longer sold in FranklinCovey Stores or as a download.
  • Paper Themes– Traditional paper themes and new paper themes to match any FranklinCovey Planner
  • Address Phone List View for entering and viewing of the Contact listing. The new List View will have a full alphabetized listing of the database on the left side of the window using a rolodex method, as you click on a name in the left side of the window, the detail information of the contact will view in the right side of the window End user will have the ability to select the traditional form view or the new List view.
  • Quick Search will allow the end user to begin typing the letters of a name and have the program begin to go to the listing with those letters.
  • Tab Searching quickly find the 1st contact in the listing of the selected alphabet letter.
  • Filter Contacts create custom filters to show and print only those in the filtered list
  • Print Address Labels. Print to 1″x 2 5/8″ labels on a  8.5″ x 11″ page or 64mm x 33.9mm international labels on a 148mm x 210mm page