We are excited to introduce a new FranklinCovey Software utility, the “PlanPlus Online Email Connector.” This convenient utility integrates directly with your familiar Microsoft Outlook email client.

This handy add-on utility is available for all versions of PlanPlus Online, although some features, such as Opportunity transfer, are only relevant to Sales and Business acounts. PlanPlus Online Email Connector provides a direct link to Contacts, Opportunities, Appointments, Tasks, and Projects of PlanPlus Online, all while using Outlook’s robust email features. No longer will you need to move between email messages and your PlanPlus Online account, copying and pasting the data between the two programs or make use of a third-party email client to manage your Contacts and Sales Opportunities.

There are many additional benefits to using the PlanPlus Online Email Connector, such as creating or transferring an email message as a Task, Appointment or Project Task into PlanPlus Online. Just think! You can receive an email and with the simple transfer button in the toolbar you can quickly transfer the message to your PlanPlus Online Task List or Calendar.

When receiving an email from a new Contact, quickly add the new Contact to your PlanPlus Online account; if the Contact isn’t found in your PlanPlus Online Contact listing it will allow you to create the new Contact.

The body of an email can also be attached to a Contact as a Note. There are so many more benefits to using the PlanPlus Online Email Connector – it is a must-have power tool for any Outlook-centric user and a PlanPlus Online Planner.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Outlook® 2010, 2007 (English only)
  • Microsoft Windows® Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5 (downloads during installation)