New Features Coming Soon

Build 141 is coming soon. PlanPlus Online gets better all the time with new features and enhancements included as part of your existing subscription. Over the next two weeks you will see an announcement when you login indicating when this build is live on your production servers. You can look for the following new features and enhancements as part of this newest release.

Additional Features/Enhancements

Improved Calendar integration with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, iPhone, Android and more through our iCal Consume and iCal Publish features.

iCal Consume: With this feature you can display your calendars from other programs such as Apples iCloud, Google Calendar, Hotmail, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook 365, Exchange and any other programs that support the iCal format.

iCal Publish: Publish your PlanPlus Online calendar in an iCal format so that it can be viewed from any device or application that supports iCal feeds such as: Google Calendar, iPhone, Android, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange.

Google Contact Sync: Previously this feature was simply an import from Google Contacts, this feature now supports a true 2 way sync. It also now brings in your labels/groups from Google to PlanPlus Online.

Firefox & Chrome Plugin: This plugin creates a shortcut right inside your favorite browser that lets you navigate directly to selected pages within your account:

Click to Dial enhancements: Now supports user level configuration.

Task Delegation UI Change: The delegation feature is now more visible in the Task Detail Page. Also added option to filter by Task Owner or Assigned in Task Detail page.

Enhanced Security on Password Reset

Create Project Views: You can now save views in Projects much like in the other areas of the app.

Organization-Contact-Opportunity webform: Create an Opportunity from a webform and have it attached to an Organization record instead of or in addition to a Contact.

Page Layouts: Configure mixture of Read Only and Edit on same layout.

Import Projects from CSV:

Real Time “Test Settings” for Scheduled Reports: Saves time in configuring scheduled reports by sending a test on demand.

Process Builder Process Step Advance: Show Close Date next to Due Date. (Optional) (watch video)

Calendar Scroll to Current hour: If setting is Turned off, the calendar will now show the “working hours” as default.

Filter Tasks by Type on Home Page: (Planner Edition only) Allows for tasks to be filtered by Type on the home page.

Process Builder: Automatically send emails to contacts related to the Opportunity.

Mobile App/Google Sync: Trigger google sync with login from mobile app.

Email to Lead Feature Enhancements: Added additional fields for the, Zillow, and Trulia lead integrations.

Add Attachments to Mass Emails: It is now even easier to create a campaign email that has attachments.

Display Age next to birthday field.

New APIs added for new integration options. Contact our Professional Services team or your Account Manager for access to the APIs.

Export Finished Projects as CSV

Other Bug Fixes and Small Improvements: In total there were 244 small bug fixes and enhancements that are part of this new version. Here are a few of the more popular ones.

  • Relate a Project Task to Appointment
  • Mobile User Interface: Improve display of Project Summary page
  • Sort Email Templates by Name
  • Quote: Allow negative amount
  • Opportunity web from: Add Amount field as optional value.
  • Fixed Time Zone related issues for alerts showing up at wrong times.
  • Addressed speed issues on home page affecting some users.
  • Call Report: Fixed formatting, added totals.