22 02, 2017

Where are you going? Does your life have a GPS?

Life’s a journey measured in hours instead of miles. If you want to arrive at tomorrow, you must travel 24 hours. If you’re a wise time-traveler, you’ll map out your 24-hour journey—choosing destinations and routes. With each journey, you can experience progress, growth, and achievement. Where are you now? PlanPlus Online is more than your [...]

24 01, 2017

What will you do this week that you’ll talk about the rest of your life?

You are what you take the time to become Probably no one woke up today and suddenly discovered that they could run a marathon… or surprisingly woke up with a cure for cancer… or amazingly won an Oscar… or overnight unexpectedly received an answer to the Goldbach conjecture. That’s because those things take time, energy, [...]

2 12, 2016

New iPhone and Android apps available for PlanPlus Mobile

PlanPlus Mobile includes the full suite of features available with PlanPlus Online including productivity tools such as building a mission statement, weekly compass, goal-setting, weekly and daily planning. The ABC-123 prioritization for your tasks helps to align your day’s activities with your most critical deadlines. Our contact management solution is a perfect way to jot [...]

9 11, 2016

Just Released: New PlanPlus Mobile iPhone app version 2.0.1 now available!

Organize yourself and your business with PlanPlus Mobile iPhone app! Use our unique planning methodology to boost your daily productivity. Whether you're a student, parent, spouse, manager, or CEO, PlanPlus Mobile is your Productivity Prescription! With tasks, calendar, notes, and contacts you can easily manage on the go. Download now PlanPlus Mobile includes the full [...]

8 11, 2016

What’s the ROI of CRM Software?

How do you figure out the return on investment (ROI) of CRM software? We recently asked sales representatives who were using PlanPlus Online: “What percentage of your sales occurred because of a significant contribution from your PlanPlus Online CRM?” The results showed that more than 30 percent of their deals were attributable to their CRM. [...]

2 11, 2016

Have you seen November’s newsletter yet?

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20 10, 2016

Getting a fast start has never been easier…

The results are in: The PlanPlus Online New User Fundamentals Webinar is the easiest way to get an effective, fast start with PlanPlus Online. This free, one-hour webinar is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of account setup, how to use our software, and how to get the most out of PlanPlus Online—no matter [...]

19 10, 2016

How to rock your week!

Realize it or not, your week has rocks—big ones, small ones, and even some sand and water! “Rocks” are a metaphor for the biggest priorities of the week. (See The Story of the Big Rocks in the sidebar.) In both our business and personal lives, we have big rocks, gravel, sand, and water. How to [...]