13 12, 2018

This weekend could be the turning point of your life

The critical link between what you dream of accomplishing and what you actually accomplish can be forged this very weekend in a private, personal summit—in other words, a meeting that you hold with yourself. How to start Set aside a specific time in a quiet place this weekend to evaluate your past week, and preview [...]

10 12, 2018

Why Plan: The Planner’s Manifesto

Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now. Most people wander aimlessly from week to week, with no clear destination in mind. Many are then surprised when life doesn’t turn out like they hoped. But without planning, is it any wonder? Here are just a few of [...]

10 12, 2018

Coming Soon: New Personal Planning Features

Soon, what will exist beyond the Planning tab of your PlanPlus Online account will be the secret to your success at achieving your dreams in 2019! Helping you identify your personal core purpose and deeply held values, and then doing something about them in meaningful everyday living is what PlanPlus Online is all about. Too many [...]

29 11, 2018

Team productivity is a reflection of its leadership

How to maximize your team’s productivity As a leader, there are all kinds of ways you can improve your team’s performance. However, if their productivity is lacking, your results as a leader will be lacking, too. That’s why improving your team’s productivity must be your greatest priority. Simply put, when your team becomes more productive, the results of your [...]

28 11, 2018

The language you use creates the reality your experience

Are you listening to yourself? Your language—the words you use—is a very real indicator of the degree to which you see yourself as a proactive or a reactive individual. Quick reminder: a proactive person accepts responsibility for their own situation—no matter how dire—and takes the initiative to make things better. A proactive person acts, [...]

26 11, 2018

For a successful day tomorrow, start tonight!

Every night before going to bed, you can have the feeling, “I already know tomorrow is going to be successful.” Here’s how: Set a very clear intention of how your day will go the next morning. That way, when you wake up, you already know where to start! Visualizing this intention and writing it in your PlanPlus Online [...]

15 11, 2018

What did you teach today? What did you learn today?

Winning leaders are teaching leaders When you teach others, you’re open to learning. Over the past week, who have you helped to develop, and what have you learned yourself? Do you see developing others as an important part of your leadership? All people have untapped leadership potential, just as all people have untapped athletic potential. [...]

14 11, 2018

A leader is never too busy to do this one essential thing

Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have—YOU! You may think you don’t have time to exercise, build friendships, or get inspired. In reality, you don’t have time not to. The downtime you spend sharpening your saw will pay you back immediately, because when you resume your normal routine, you’ll cut that much [...]

13 11, 2018

To be more productive, don’t fall into the trap of multitasking

The trap of multitasking With so much to do it’s tempting to fall into the trap of multitasking—trying to accomplish several things at the same time. Truth is, multitasking is actually misnamed. When you try to multitask, you aren’t actually doing two things at once—you’re rapidly switching your focus between two things. Every time you [...]

28 09, 2018

Daily Huddle: the one indispensable meeting you should never go without

You may be surprised when I say that there is one indispensable meeting; one absolutely essential meeting that’s more important than any other—the stand-up daily huddle. I know, meetings can be a real drag. In fact, meetings can by disruptive, wander off topic, have unnecessary people—and can even hurt your bottom line. There must be [...]

23 05, 2018

GDPR Statement

Introduction The European Union (EU)  has taken a monumental step in protecting the fundamental right to privacy for every EU resident with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be effective from May 25, 2018. Simply put, EU residents will now have greater say over what, how, why, where, and when their personal data [...]

18 04, 2018

What can the cult classic The Sandlot teach you about leadership?

Examples of great leaders can be found even in your own neighborhood baseball diamond. Just over 25 years ago, the world was introduced to Smalls, Squints, Ham Porter, Yeah Yeah, and of course Benny “the jet” Rodriguez in the cult classic Sandlot. Much of the film was actually filmed not far from our headquarters here [...]