27 03, 2019

What’s working and what’s not?


To improve your time management, spend some time identifying what’s working well and what’s not. Taking a moment to step back and evaluate and assess your relationship to time will help you clarify your use-of-time strengths and weaknesses. No matter how out of control your life may seem, there are always some things that are [...]

What’s working and what’s not?2019-03-27T09:58:13+00:00
31 01, 2019

What’s the highest and best use of your time?


Right now is the most important moment of your life Just down the street is an empty vacant lot. It’s been there for a while. It’s close to downtown, so I imagine there’s a ton of potential uses for the property. How much is the property worth? When it comes to appraising real estate, there’s [...]

What’s the highest and best use of your time?2019-01-31T09:46:20+00:00
4 01, 2019

Are you time-rich or time-poor? It depends on if you feel in control of your time


Are you busy right now? Are you behind on what you wanted to accomplish today? Or this week? Or already this year? You’re not alone. It’s a common problem. In fact, it’s a problem so common it may qualify as a new epidemic: We’ve got no time. Too busy. Overwhelmed by work, family obligations, and [...]

Are you time-rich or time-poor? It depends on if you feel in control of your time2019-06-28T10:03:23+00:00
3 01, 2019

Time management is a lie


Time management is a lie we need to stop telling ourselves It’s an illusion. It’s not real. Out of all the things we can manage in our life, time isn’t one of them. We can’t start it or stop it, can’t slow it down or speed it up. We can’t store it, manufacture it, or trade it. [...]

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21 12, 2018

How to gain superhero powers (spandex and cape optional)


Superheroes are awesome! We love superheroes—from Ant-Man to Zatara—and all the heroes in between. Actually, superheroes have existed for as long as stories have existed—before writing and across every culture we find evidence of superheroes. For example, Fionn mac Cumhaill built the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, and Gilgamesh defeated Humbaba in Mesopotamia. Rama was [...]

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30 03, 2018

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important


The Eisenhower Matrix is a presidential insight about productivity: soon after Eisenhower became president, he visited the campus of Northwestern University to deliver an address. What he said changed the thinking about “productivity” forever. He said: “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never [...]

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important2019-01-10T18:56:27+00:00
13 06, 2017

Getting started the fast and easy way with PlanPlus Online


Getting started is easy! PlanPlus Online offers a wide-variety of resources to get you started and productive with your PlanPlus Online account. See how it’s done: New detailed step-by-step videos Introduction to PlanPlus Online Essentials Introduction to PlanPlus Online Essentials Calendar How to put appointments on your calendar Managing appointments on your calendar Making the most [...]

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28 04, 2017

What is Project Management?


What is Task Management? Have you wondered what the difference is between a task and a project? Task A task is a simple activity, a single unit of work. For example, turning on the light is a task. You flip the switch—and it’s done—task completed. Normally, a task shouldn’t take forever to complete, and isn’t [...]

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11 01, 2017

4 Easy Steps to Managing Your Time Using OATS


Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night because all of the things you need to do tomorrow that are buzzing around your head? If that sounds like you; you need to get your OATS at night--before you go to bed. The OATS principle is a fundamental approach to time management that’s both simple [...]

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19 10, 2016

Weekly Planning: How to Take Control of and Rock your Week!


The Importance of Weekly Planning and Scheduling Realize it or not, your week has rocks—big ones, small ones, and even some sand and water! “Rocks” are a metaphor for the biggest priorities of the week. (See The Story of the Big Rocks in the sidebar and how it relates to weekly planning.) In both [...]

Weekly Planning: How to Take Control of and Rock your Week!2019-03-22T16:57:12+00:00
13 07, 2016

Use this productivity secret weapon


Every year, the city where I live hosts a triathlon. Top athletes (triathletes) from all over the world attend. In order to make the course route safe, the city barricades dozens of streets. You can imagine, it would be a disaster to allow regular traffic to drive on the same route while the participants were [...]

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11 05, 2016

Rewards are worth working for


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…” It's time to reward yourself! Full day ahead? Feeling overwhelmed with your task list? Promise yourself a reward for completing each task—or finishing the total job. Then keep your promise to your yourself for staying focused and working. The reward rules are simple: No reward (no [...]

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