30 05, 2014

2014 Sales Force Automation Buyer Trends


There is a growing demand for effective and affordable SFA (Sales Force Automation) software solutions. But who is buying SFA software, and what are they looking for? According to a 2014 study by Software Advice, a large proportion of prospective SFA buyers are small businesses with 20 or fewer employees, the majority of buyers are [...]

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23 05, 2014

New Features for PlanPlusOnline (build 143)


More new features are coming to PlanPlusOnline!  Build 143 (as we lovingly refer to it), has a number of great enhancements and bug fixes that continue to make PlanPlusOnline one of the most comprehensive Online CRMs available. Here are just a few. […]

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19 05, 2014

How Henry Ford Changed the World with Efficient Systems and Processes


This week the spotlight is on the 5th building block of culture: systems and processes. PlanPlus Online prescribes 5 building blocks for building Culture: Shared Values Communication, Language and Symbols Rituals and Routines Habits of Effectiveness Systems and Processes The right systems and processes streamline tasks and increase efficiency. No one knew this better than [...]

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