11 05, 2017

Release Notes: PlanPlus Online Vector – March & April-2017

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Vector 2.1.4   Release Date: April 27,2017 Improved drag & drop to mini calendar- added drag target indicator Mini calendar- added indicator for current day Fixed: current date indicator timezone issue Fixed: required fields not working in some field groups New u/i in Contact Process tab Fixed: display field groups in [...]

3 05, 2017

Introducing the new PlanPlus Essentials for Groups

Get the Essentials Group advantage! Imagine relaxing in front of a favorite fireplace. Logs carefully piled together. Warm, safe, bright, inviting… Have you ever noticed what happens if a piece of burning log falls off and away from the other logs? Its flame dims, and eventually the piece goes cold. Now imagine if those logs [...]

4 04, 2017

New changes and enhancements to PlanPlus Online

We celebrated the New Year by launching PlanPlus Vector 1.0. Vector helps you define the most important aspects of your life—and gives the framework to march down the path of productivity. To us, 2017 is all about focus and direction, and with PlanPlus Vector, we’ll help you stay focused on your goals and moving in [...]

7 12, 2016

How to get your best start ever on the new year!

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13 09, 2016

Did you see what’s inside our September newsletter?

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8 06, 2016

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.5

Release Notes PlanPlus Online Aurora 2.5   (sprint 169.2) Release Date: June 2, 2016 -New & Improved Guided Help Resources - These help resources are now available from a tab on the lower edge of your screen while logged in to your account. There are a combination of videos and guided explainer tutorials to help you [...]

19 01, 2016

Manage Time Better: A how-to for interruption-based professions

Let's face it – we're all busy and face many interruptions, and that can make time management difficult--no matter how diligent we are about organizing, scheduling, and rescheduling our tasks. Having a routine schedule can make it easier to streamline and group our tasks and activities, but not every profession or job lends itself to [...]

26 10, 2015

A Review of Microsoft Outlook 365…I’m Not That Impressed

I’ve been forced to work with the new Microsoft Outlook 365 web app for the past few weeks. Why "forced" you say? I'll get to that in just a minute…But as an avid user of PlanPlus Online, I think I have been spoiled. I have gotten used to certain things. Managing my work and my life is [...]

5 10, 2015

Release 160 Notes: PlanPlus Online is amazing!

Welcome to another great release to improve your PlanPlus Online experience! We have been busy at work providing the best service to continually make our app better! We’d like you to note that our Feature/Enhancements section keeps getting better with each release. Here at PlanPlus Online we are very please with how stable our platform has become to make sure you have the best experience with your customer relationship management tool. Without further ado, here are this release’s notes for you to see what we’ve done to improve your CRM! Features / Enhancements NEW! Cleaner easy-to-use default menu style for new trials and accounts! NEW! Our iCal feed feature now supports all-day appointments! NEW! Support for contact entity fields as merge fields in email templates! Oauth support for Facebook and Twitter authentication to post Daily Notes to the respective accounts Mobile calendar interface now triggers Google Calendar Sync for users with this feature enabled! NEW! We now offer a new date field type of MM/YY that will support annual dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, purchase dates, etc. This field type is fully searchable, and an be used to generate views and reports! […]

2 09, 2014

Catch-Up Day 2.0

We’ve all been there. It’s 5pm, and the workday has somehow raced past you without allowing you enough time to tackle what needs to be done. Twenty emails in bold type stare at you impatiently from your inbox, while you ponder if the three voicemails left on your phone during lunch can wait for a [...]

16 04, 2014

Building a Culture of Productivity

How do you go about building a culture of productivity? The word culture is traditionally defined as the beliefs, manners, rituals, customs, institutions, arts, and achievements of a specific society. When you think about culture, you likely think of countries with rich histories, elaborate traditional clothing, and unique religious rituals, but did you know that [...]

16 04, 2014

What is Heartbleed?

You may have heard the recent news about Heartbleed. The OpenSSL project has recently announced a security vulnerability in OpenSSL affecting version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 (CVE-2014-0160). It has been big news and has potentially affected over 50% of the world wide web. So….next you may be wondering how it affects your data stored with PlanPlusOnline.com? [...]