10 04, 2018

If you’re not developing your culture, it will develop itself


When we talk about company culture or organizational culture, at its simplest level, we’re talking about “How we do things around here.”   It can be difficult to be aware and objective about your company culture— because employees adopt your culture by observing you and other co-workers. Sometimes their interpretation of your culture is not [...]

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9 02, 2016

The habits of highly inefficient adults


When I was little, mom said she knew I was lying because a red dot would appear on my forehead. It took years before I realized it wasn’t the red dot, but my attempts to hide my forehead, that clued-in my mother. Maybe when you were young, you were told things like: Don’t play in [...]

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13 01, 2015

7 Costly Mistakes in Sales Forecasting


With the arrival of another new year, many companies are already tracking their sales results against annual sales forecasts. Inevitably, some will discover that their sales results are not measuring up to the quotas and outcomes that they expected. Of course, conditions in the marketplace and customer behavior often dictate sales success or failure, but [...]

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5 08, 2014

What Does CRM Software Have to Do with Organizational Culture?


Organizational culture can be difficult to define because its meanings and varieties can be as numerous as the companies that exhibit it. In the most general sense, however, organizational culture represents our group behavior and our shared values. It drives the way that we interact within an organization and the way we interact with external [...]

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24 06, 2014

The 5 Building Blocks of Culture


In most businesses today, virtually everyone is familiar with the concept of “Culture” but very few people understand how a culture develops in an organization. While every company has a culture, very few organizations are proactively building a culture based on intention. You need building blocks of culture to enhance productivity in the workplace.  The [...]

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16 04, 2014

Building a Culture of Productivity


How do you go about building a culture of productivity? The word culture is traditionally defined as the beliefs, manners, rituals, customs, institutions, arts, and achievements of a specific society. When you think about culture, you likely think of countries with rich histories, elaborate traditional clothing, and unique religious rituals, but did you know that [...]

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22 01, 2014

Creating A Great Company Culture


Everyone wants to create a great company culture. But where do you start? Here are four areas of focus to help you create a great company culture. Company culture is the term used to describe the values and practices of a company and its employees.  Although each company has unique qualities, in general, company culture [...]

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