11 01, 2018

Hot or Not? An introduction to lead scoring.

You only have so many hours in a day, so your sales team should focus on the best leads. A core principle of effectiveness is based on the idea that there’s just not enough time to do everything that you want to, so you must prioritize your activities based on which ones will get you [...]

9 11, 2017

You know you need a process… now what?

If you're aware that your business could use a process, such as a sales process, and you're sure that technology, such as a CRM, could be the answer, you need to pause first. Before you make that leap to technology, start with two essential low-tech tools. Let me explain... Many times, when we find an [...]

1 11, 2017

The process of making processes

Let me share with you a piece of time-saving and frustration-eliminating advice: You need to establish and write down the process you use for everything you do more than twice. In fact, you need a process for making processes! For example: Have you ever had to listen to yourself repeat the same instructions over again [...]

26 10, 2017

3 steps to reaching the top

Mountain climbers have known it all along: Reaching the top involves performing three steps over and over again. These are the same steps that will help you implement and manage change in your company. Not far from our downtown Salt Lake City offices are the Wasatch Mountains that offer world-class skiing and several of the [...]

4 10, 2017

Why you need a centralized database to be successful

If you are part of a growing company, you need a centralized database to be successful. There are many reasons that you might decide you’re ready for a centralized database and many benefits that you’ll get out of having one. You’ll be able to: Find information more quickly. Simplify your IT infrastructure. Have more accurate [...]

28 09, 2017

Is scope creep sabotaging your project success?

Scope creep can sneak up, morph, and destroy a project. Here’s how it occurs, and how to keep it at bay. Have you ever had a project that seems to be getting bigger all the time? At first it was manageable, but now it seems that everything, including the kitchen sink, has been tossed in? [...]

20 09, 2017

Create a culture of Assertive Respectful communication

Effective communication is the real work of leadership—and a skill you can learn. Learning how to engage Assertive Respectful communication will improve every aspect of your life. Do you have any processes that aren’t yielding the results you were hoping for? Most of us do, right? S0, what do you do about it? Is it [...]

13 09, 2017

How identifying Opportunities, Dangers, and Interesting Points will help you succeed with change

Every change, large or small, presents known and unknown opportunities and dangers. If you’re currently leading an organization or team through a change, being able to identify and articulate these opportunities and dangers is essential. How do you go about identifying these? By working with your group on an ODI list. With an ODI list, [...]