10 06, 2019

What will you do with your free two weeks?


Your PlanPlus Online account includes two free weeks! 14 days… 336 hours… that’s how much time you have with your free two-weeks’ trial of PlanPlus Online. Here are some suggestions as to how you can use your time: Subdue and conquer your task list! Record all of your tasks—no more sticky notes or trying [...]

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6 05, 2019

This is what’s been missing…


The gap between setting a goal and achieving a goal has now been closed with a recent update on the Planning tab of your PlanPlus Online account! We’ve all set goals or made resolutions only to see, over time, that we eventually lose traction on achieving the goal. It’s disappointing, isn’t it? We lose confidence [...]

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26 03, 2019

How to do you do what you don’t want to do


Look, we’re on your side with this one: life is filled with so many things that you just flat out don’t want to do. Maybe it’s because they’re unpleasant, maybe you’re just mentally exhausted and stressed, or maybe it’s just that your bed is feeling super comfortable right now! Unfortunately, to get anything done in [...]

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25 02, 2019

Habits are the bridge between goals and accomplishments


You’re always being told that the best way to achieve what you what in life—lose weight and get into shape, learn a new skill, spending more time with family—is to set specific, actionable goals. It’s true: goals are essential, but there’s another force you need to become aware of: the power of habits. It’s important [...]

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31 01, 2019

What’s the highest and best use of your time?


Right now is the most important moment of your life Just down the street is an empty vacant lot. It’s been there for a while. It’s close to downtown, so I imagine there’s a ton of potential uses for the property. How much is the property worth? When it comes to appraising real estate, there’s [...]

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24 01, 2019

Can you name your top 3?


Can you name today’s top 3? Did you know PlanPlus Online Chrome plugin can help your productivity skyrocket? We’ll show you how, but first, let’s start with your top 3. What’s your top 3? Your top 3 are the 3 most important things you want to accomplish for the day. And you should limit your [...]

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10 01, 2019

Our 12 most useful productivity tips for 2019


Here’s a collection of our most useful productivity themes and tips to help you get a great start on 2019! It’s never too early or too late to gain more productivity.  ​ ​​ 1. Use Tools These are the essential tools you need this year to take you from good to great! Introducing a seismic shift in [...]

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3 01, 2019

Time management is a lie


Time management is a lie we need to stop telling ourselves It’s an illusion. It’s not real. Out of all the things we can manage in our life, time isn’t one of them. We can’t start it or stop it, can’t slow it down or speed it up. We can’t store it, manufacture it, or trade it. [...]

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30 03, 2018

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important


The Eisenhower Matrix is a presidential insight about productivity: soon after Eisenhower became president, he visited the campus of Northwestern University to deliver an address. What he said changed the thinking about “productivity” forever. He said: “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never [...]

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23 03, 2018

3 behaviors of great leaders


Most of us recognize a leader when we see one. Because, most leaders seem to possess a common set of behaviors. It seems that great leadership is more bold action than intellectual capacity. Here are three of the behaviors I have recognized in great leaders. Great leaders thrive on simplicity. They bring clarity to the complex. [...]

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20 03, 2018

First, let me finish. Then interrupt.


One of the most common complaints we hear has to with something that is so fundamentally a part of the modern workplace, it’s almost impossible to avoid. In fact, we all have to deal with it. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded interruption. Here are a few suggestions about managing and minimizing workplace interruptions. Stop [...]

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18 10, 2017

What’s a habit and why should I care?


Behaviors are the foundation of processes--and at the foundation of behaviors are habits. Habits consist of three elements. In fact, these three elements govern any habit. Let’s start at the beginning... What is a habit?   It’s a shortcut for the brain, habits makes things more efficient. How do habits work?   Charles Duhig breaks [...]

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