13 02, 2021

Automate Your Sales Territory Management


Jane had a good problem. A very exhausting good problem. She had leads pouring in (that’s the good part), problem was, they were all pouring into her computer (that’s the bad part)—but, as Sales Manager, she had to take the time to sort through each lead to find where she should forward that lead. [...]

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17 06, 2016

Are your leads slipping through the cracks?


If you have a website, you want that site to collect leads for your sales team, right? Example of Contact Us webform you can build with PlanPlus Online But, what happen to those leads? Are they automatically entered into your central database? Are they automatically assigned to a sales rep? Are they all [...]

Are your leads slipping through the cracks?2019-01-10T18:56:50+00:00
1 12, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Website


You're thinking about building a more productive website, one that will grow with your business and also help you get noticed on Google search. So how do you choose which platform to build or relaunch your site with? There's tons of products out there. We built our website on WordPress, a website content management systems (CMS) that [...]

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