16 02, 2016

How to turn your personal digital device into a productive digital device

Zoe’s day looked hectic—so much to get done, and most of it had to be accomplished away from the office—and away from her laptop. For example, on her way to meet with a client, she needed to swing by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Then, she had a late lunch with a new [...]

7 01, 2014

How to Be More Persuasive: The Benefit Exchange Principle

The principle of benefit exchange is a key concept that you need to focus on to become more persuasive. This concept revolves around making the the person who you are trying to convince, influence, or persuade understand where you’re coming from and showing them what they will get out of taking your […]

28 06, 2012

The Customer Side of Customer Relationship Management

Are your customers sharing feedback? As a customer, are you letting businesses know what you think? CRM is reinventing the suggestion box and so are we. Why your feedback is important and how to share it… […]

8 03, 2011

Tips for Building a Valuable Database of Customer Information

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a sales rep, or a VP of sales or marketing, building and maintaining your customer database should be of great concern to you. If your goal is to grow your business, then you need to build your customer database. Having a well-groomed database of all of your prospects and [...]