30 01, 2014

New Features Coming Soon (Build 142)


Good news coming your way. Build 142 is coming soon. PlanPlus Online gets better all the time with new features and enhancements included as part of your existing subscription. Over the next few weeks you will see an announcement when you login indicating when this set of features (which we call a “build”) […]

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29 01, 2014

Problems with Traditional Goal Planning


Nearly everyone, at some point, has encountered the idea that goal planning is a key to achieving success. We find this notion everywhere, including in books and magazines, on television, in classrooms and seminars, and in blogs, newsletters, articles, and white papers. However, despite the pervasiveness of this idea and the good intentions of those who [...]

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22 01, 2014

Creating A Great Company Culture


Everyone wants to create a great company culture. But where do you start? Here are four areas of focus to help you create a great company culture. Company culture is the term used to describe the values and practices of a company and its employees.  Although each company has unique qualities, in general, company culture [...]

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15 01, 2014

5 Things to Consider When Prioritizing Your To-Do List


Prioritizing and organizing your tasks is crucial to your to-do list.  It's important that you only have one list, whether the tasks are personal or for work. These projects and tasks are all things that you need to complete and you should be able to prioritize them all in one place, if you take [...]

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7 01, 2014

How to Be More Persuasive: The Benefit Exchange Principle


The principle of benefit exchange is a key concept that you need to focus on to become more persuasive. This concept revolves around making the the person who you are trying to convince, influence, or persuade understand where you’re coming from and showing them what they will get out of taking your […]

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