Creating A Great Company Culture

Everyone wants to create a great company culture. But where do you start? Here are four areas of focus to help you create a great company culture.

Company culture is the term used to describe the values and practices of a company and its employees.  Although each company has unique qualities, in general, company culture is about creating a positive and productive work environment for its employees.

What are the elements of a great company culture?

A great company culture is the combination of:

  • Hiring people who compliment your company’s culture.
  • Having a strong and well-known mission statement and set of company values.
  • Emphasizing that your employees are a team–not just a group of individuals.
  • Acknowledging that good ideas can come from every employee.
Hiring the right people

Hiring people who are compatible with your existing company culture is the best and easiest way to maintain and reinforce your company culture. A high performing employee with a personality or attitude that does’t fit with your company culture can actually be detrimental to the work environment, which can adversely affect the business or company.

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Developing and promoting the company mission and values

Having a strong and well-known mission statement and set of company values is very important for company culture. When employees know the company mission statement and exemplify the company’s values, they’re able to be a positive representation of the company. Also, if employees share the same values and beliefs, they become more passionate and dedicated to the goals and the well-being of the company.

Creating a dream team

Companies who consider their employees a “team” often have a much stronger sense of company culture. The word team unites individuals and creates a sense of camaraderie. Employees who are part of a team are much more willing to help and collaborate with each other because they feel that they will all benefit, whether directly or indirectly, from accomplishing their goals.

Where do your ideas come from?

Acknowledging that good ideas can come from anybody in the company is one of the most important things a company and its leaders can do to maintain a positive company culture. Employees want to feel valued, respected, and have a voice that has a meaningful impact on their company. Companies that eliminate a sense of hierarchy and give their employees the freedom to make a positive impact on the company have more loyal employees and are inevitably more successful as a company.

A strong and positive company culture benefits the company just as much as its employees. A successful company culture it sustains and perpetuates employee enthusiasm, creating more happy, productive, effective, and loyal employees. This directly translates into a more profitable and successful company.

Nourishing and investing in company culture is a win-win situation that will positively shape the future of your company. It’s a no brainer!