How to untangle your mind and improve your productivity

Your Unscheduled Task list is your mind’s secret weapon!

Here is how to capture all the things you need to do.Your mind can be a messy place when you’re trying to be productive. So many things to do! Just keeping track of everything is like a tornado swirling in your head. The winds are whipping… cows flying by… you can’t get a good grip on anything!

Trying to capture and then act on your thoughts without a tool is like trying to catch smoke with your hands!

Here’s what you need to do… in fact, few things in life will help you feel this unburdened and energized than this:

Did you know that you can empty your head as if you opened your purse and dumped the contents on a table?

Here’s how you do it:

Fill the Unscheduled task list in PlanPlus Online with all the tasks you want to do, need to do, should do, are expected to do—BUT don’t have a deadline yet.

Unscheduled tasks are tasks that you “really should get to” at some time in the future.

Once you write it here, it can’t fly away and it’s off of your mind!

But now what? Find out why the most successful people have priorities.