23 05, 2019

If taglines are everywhere, where’s yours?


Do you have a personal tagline? Taglines—businesses have them. In fact, thousands of them exist. You see them and hear them everywhere: Got Milk? Just Do It. I’m Lovin’ It. Think Different. These are taglines, right? You probably have those taglines stuck in your head. In business, a tagline (also called a slogan) is a [...]

If taglines are everywhere, where’s yours?2019-05-23T10:53:34+00:00
23 05, 2019

What’s a personal tagline, and why you need one now!


If you believe the phrase: “You are what you think”, then life truly stems from your thoughts. But how do you translate thoughts into words—and eventually into actions in order to achieve your goals and dreams? Here’s where having a personal tagline is golden! A personal tagline is part positive affirmation, part personal branding, and [...]

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6 05, 2019

This is what’s been missing…


The gap between setting a goal and achieving a goal has now been closed with a recent update on the Planning tab of your PlanPlus Online account! We’ve all set goals or made resolutions only to see, over time, that we eventually lose traction on achieving the goal. It’s disappointing, isn’t it? We lose confidence [...]

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16 04, 2019

Yes or no?


As human beings we tend to complicate most things, but life is really pretty simple. Take a moment to think about the answers to the following questions: We have tens of thousands of words in the English language. How many letters make up the alphabet? The ‘Human Genome’ is the genetic code—the entire list of [...]

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11 04, 2019

The principles you know determine what you get


There are only a few ways to get it right In May of 1904, Harrington Emerson was tasked with improving the Santa Fe railway system. At the time, competition was stiff, costs were rising, and so was demand for freight and passenger transportation. Emerson created a management movement called “Betterment Work,” which, today, would be [...]

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4 04, 2019

PlanPlus Online Release Notes 2.25.4


PlanPlus Online Release Notes: PlanPlus Online is proud to announce the following for release version 2.25.4 on March 28, 2019. Enhancements 1. We have dramatically enhanced the Goals section. Goals now include the following attributes: Goal Name Role Goal Health Goal statement Goal Confidence Goal Duration History Linked Goals Notes Goal Steps Start & Due [...]

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28 03, 2019

Being Proactive is Key to Self-Leadership


You choose how you approach life. By choosing to be proactive, you will significantly impact the life you will have. If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing. Most of us have high hopes of accomplishing something important in life, perhaps creating some sort of legacy or [...]

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27 03, 2019

What’s working and what’s not?


To improve your time management, spend some time identifying what’s working well and what’s not. Taking a moment to step back and evaluate and assess your relationship to time will help you clarify your use-of-time strengths and weaknesses. No matter how out of control your life may seem, there are always some things that are [...]

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26 03, 2019

How to do you do what you don’t want to do


Look, we’re on your side with this one: life is filled with so many things that you just flat out don’t want to do. Maybe it’s because they’re unpleasant, maybe you’re just mentally exhausted and stressed, or maybe it’s just that your bed is feeling super comfortable right now! Unfortunately, to get anything done in [...]

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15 03, 2019

Trust: the defining factor of team success


A team isn’t a group of people who work together, it’s a group of people who trust each other. Have you ever managed people who didn't trust one another? If you have, then you'll know how challenging and draining that can be. A team without trust isn't really a team: it's just a group of [...]

Trust: the defining factor of team success2019-03-18T10:05:33+00:00
13 03, 2019

All life is problem solving


Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity Welcome to the world of problems. This is where we all live. We all have some sort of problem to think through every day of our lives. Unfortunately, few of us have an effective system to solve problems. For example, are you still trying to solve the [...]

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7 03, 2019

The Rule of 3: A simple system to change how you work


For a successful day tomorrow, start tonight! ​Set a very clear intention of how your day will go the next morning. That way, when you wake up, you already know where to start! Visualizing this intention and writing it down into your PlanPlus Online task list and calendar can make it happen more automatically in the [...]

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