This is the real reason your life is moving in circles: You have no goals

Setting good goals creates a force that pulls you to success

Did you know that when you set a goal, it’s like placing a landmark on the horizon ahead of you? With your eye on that landmark, you can navigate your whole life straight toward it. It’s true!

Without that landmark (real or figurative)—your life will travel in circles.

Why? Because, well… human nature—as proven by science.

Here are the facts…

About a hundred years ago, a young scientist challenged a friend to walk across a field in a straight line, blindfolded. Sounds simple enough.

What the scientist observed was that after a straight start, the blindfolded man slowly started to drift. The curve became more and more pronounced and quickly lead to the blindfolded man walking in circles.

A few years later, three men left a barn on a very foggy day and set out to walk to a point just a half-mile away. Imagine their surprise when they arrived at the same barn sometime later.

The same conclusion occurred when a man was blindfolded and asked to jump into a lake and swim straight to the other side—only to arrive at almost the exact same starting point.

Believe it or not, there are countless experiments throughout history that tested this curious quirk. In each case, the blindfolded participants began to travel in circles like curly cues and many of them ended up where they began.

What scientists concluded in every one of the experiments, is that without the ability to see a fixed point on the horizon, people are unable to maintain their original trajectory. Moving and moving, yet really going nowhere—and certainly not arriving where they wanted to go.

How does setting goals help you?

The habit of moving every day toward one or more of your major goals is life-transforming.

• Goals create a roadmap for success.
• Goals are the target which you point your life toward.
• When you have a definite target, it positions you for real success.
• A specific goal doesn’t take you around in circles—it puts you on a direct course of action.

Without a clear sense of what you want to do and where you want to go, you’ll find yourself simply moving in circles. Goal setting allows you to live your life to the fullest.

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