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Editions: Contact Management to Customizable CRM Software

The editions below range from personal planning and productivity to robust CRM solutions for business planning, team collaboration, sales automation and all points in between.
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PlanPlus Online Solution Builder

I manage a team…I need insight into how they’re managing customers and leads. Collaboration is key, and I need full visibility into their accounts.

I need to get organized…I’d love to move from sticky’s and scribbles into something very easy to use on my phone, so I can easily plan each day.

I have a lot of contacts…I need to track how I interact with them. I have 3rd party calendar that I don’t want to move away from and would like to integrate.

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$12 user / mo*
* when billed annually

$14 user / mo*
* when billed monthly

The digital version of the most successful organizing system ever. Essentials
is everywhere you need it to be…

$29 user / mo*
* billed annually

$39 user / mo*
* billed monthly

Our timeless planning system, plus features for additional sales effectiveness…

$49 user / mo
* when billed annually. 4 Users & Minimum setup fee required

$59 user / mo*
* when billed monthly. 4 Users & Minimum setup fee required

Exponential Effectiveness with our customizable CRM to help scale your sales and marketing and standardize processes…

All-in-One PlannerContacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes in a single app

SyncSynchronize your data with popular platforms Google, Outlook/Exchange/365, or iOS.

PlanningDiscover your Mission, Achieve your Goals. Plan your day and your week.

Mobile AppsAndroid or IOS, smartphone or tablet. Works even without an internet connection.

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All features found in Essentials are included in Professional.

Sales ManagementTrack each sale opportunity, generate quotes with products, and create pipeline reports.

Organizations/AccountsTrack Contacts and Organizations independently for better management of accounts

Email IntegrationBCC to Note feature from any email client.

Process AutomationSales Process workflow and action plan templates for automating repetitive tasks.

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All features found in Professional are included in Business.

Project ManagementManage tasks grouped into projects, perfect for completing post-sale requirements or small internal projects.

Marketing AutomationBuild Lead lists, send email campaigns, custom webform, autoresponders. Great for increasing lead flow to sales.

CustomizationUnlimited custom fields and page layouts.

Access ControlEnsure that your team members are accessing only the appropriate data through user roles and permissions.

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