Happy Employees = Happy Customers

There is over 10 years of dedicated focus on documented production and management PlanPlus Online technology solutions have been expressly designed for industries that rely on workflow automation for productivity boosts. Our knowledge base and technical expertise are the result of long-tenured and trusting partnerships with our customers to help produce documents of the highest caliber, when accuracy and reliability can never be compromised.

As PlanPlus Online continues to grow steadily, attracting a team of top-notch employees that are awesome to work with everyday. We work on continuing to deliver innovative, relevant solution to our customers all over by listening to their needs.

Continuous improvement and innovation

Change is the only thing that is constant. We are always learning from ourselves, partners and of course, our customers. If you know it all, you’re missing a chance to gain experience from learning from others. This may sound unconventional, but if implemented correctly, it can increase employee engagement. Employees rarely switch departments within an organization because they excel at one role and their manager wants them to stay put. Sure, she may be an expert in that area, but is she still as engaged in it as she was at the start? To really succeed at their jobs and give customers the best experience, employees need to be passionate about what they are doing.

A suggestion might be to encourage your employees to explore what interests them, whether a new position, or a fresh project, will empower them to be more successful. Who knows, those with less experience, but more passion for a job may end up thriving and prospering in the job the best.

I can tell you from personal experience, that finding a job I was passionate about was indeed a bit challenging. After being hired at PlanPlus Online, I was able to do a variety of tasks that allowed me to explore what I liked most about the career path I had chosen. I now focus on those areas and I’m enjoying what I’m doing very much. I work as the Marketing Designer, maintaining the company website, coding landing pages and even writing the occasional blog post. I most enjoy being able to work on a variety of projects that involve graphic design.

But, this isn’t to say employers should encourage employees to hop around between departments every year.  But if an employee who’s been with a company for a period of time is proven a hard work, it might be worthwhile to allow the person to try doing something new.

Empowered Employees

How does this help with the customer?  Engagement correlates to declines of absenteeism and turnover and also to increase customers service, productivity and sales.  The last thing an employer wants to do is to put an unengaged employee before a customer.  Part of creating the best customer experience is building a relationship in which the client feels comfortable and respected. To achieve this, employees need to feel engaged, interested and satisfied with their jobs.

Service Beyond Compare

Unsurpassed customer service is critical in success.  Not only should you stand behind your products, but work tirelessly to ensure your clients are deploying your products without fail, even when it means providing emergency care for the most time-sensitive issues. At PlanPlus Online we have a passionate and responsive support team and we treat every client like our only client. We foster a culture of problem solving – we are here to serve our customers.

Navigating the business landscape through technological evolution, difficult economic times and a rapidly transforming workforce can be challenging. At PlanPlus Online we always strive to keep an ear to our customers needs as we think strategically about where we need to advance our business. Customer service has always been an important pillar of this company and  these three principles have helped with our success.