PlanPlus Aurora Release Notes: Version 1.0

Features & Improvements

  • aurora-project nameCorrected numerous issues preventing the application from functioning correctly with secure (SSL / https)
  • First pass at new user interface! Aurora-1.0 is the beginning a transformation for PlanPlus Online, the first of many iterations on improving the design and
  • Redesign PlanPlus Online registration / trial
  • Removed requirement for a credit card on Planner registrations! Now you can test drive PlanPlus Online with absolutely no commitment
  • Territory Engine is now triggered to run when you import large batches of records, taking the burden off of you for setting up additional rules and logic after the import!
  • Call record now created on click to dial! This helps to automatically track the records history, and let’s you stick to the task at hand…the call!

Bugs Fixed

  • Corrected issue in Internet Explorer that was preventing Email Templates from being displayed
  • Provided fix for issue preventing “cloning” of opportunities from functioning correctly
  • Corrected Google Chrome plugin installation process
  • Addressed problem where only appointment owner could adjust appointment details
  • Corrected problem in email template surrounding unsubscribe link in Professional edition accounts
  • Provided fix for issue causing From Builder submissions to send incorrect email template
  • Corrected content in SMS notifications – previously sending unreadable / HTML characters. Now sends simple text
  • Fixed issue in mobile environment that was causing screen to freeze when deleting a task
  • Addressed problem when attaching a sales process to a contact : field update was not functioning correctly
  • Fixed issue that was not auto-prioritizing new tasks on task list correctly
  • Process log duplication issue corrected in Opportunities
  • Fixed issue in Support Portal where new emails were not triggering new cases
  • Corrected system error when attempting to make file attachments to an email in Email Center
  • Provided fix for issue preventing Master Tasks from being saved when user hits “Enter”
  • Corrected API issue preventing correct record set total from being given
  • Fixed issue in Calendar section preventing correct appointments from being displayed on calendar, given the user’s selected view
  • Corrected issue in Planning section preventing all goal steps from being displayed under the according goal
  • Troubleshooting and resolution for numerous efficiency issues in Java to database connections.