PlanPlus Online 2.25.1 Release Notes

PlanPlus Online is proud to announce the following for release version 2.25.0 on February 27, 2019.

Product Feature Enhancements

Added Goal Reports to weekly planning
You can run reports on how you and your team are progressing on public goals. Private goals will not show up in these reports. You can select Goals due this week, this month, or all active goals. You’ll see the % complete, the goal name, the role this goal is related to and the due date of the goal.


Planning Reporting Security
We added planning reporting to our security profiles in two areas:

 Access to pages

You can choose which users can run reports on planning activities. Any roles you’d like to restrict access to this area of this application you can simply uncheck that page.

Access to data

You can give roles access to view their own goal reports using “read own” access.

You can give roles access to see their direct reports goal reports using “Inherit” access.

Or you can give roles access to see anyone’s goal reports using “read all” access.

Bug fixes
  • Updated text on daily notification pages.
  • Updated text on report columns for view builder.
  • Updated category color display for all day appointments in calendar page.
  • Updated appointment borders to display category color on appointments in calendar page.