Social Media Predictions for marketing 2015

With many changes going through last year when it comes to social media, you can be sure to expect some changes coming for 2015.

Video has become a content of choice

In 2015, video will be dominating social media content. Regular segments such as podcasts and blog posts will become their own form of content that drives social engagement and other marketing goals.

SlideShare becomes the youtube for business

Instagram is to facebook as SlideShare is to LinkedIn.  In other words, look for SlideShare to emerge as the key social network for business professionals to find and share bite-sized pieces of content while on the go for 2015. SlideShare currently is a place where you create, distribute and consume presentations, and it’s a great tool for B2B marketers to do content marketing for their target audience.

Social Conversions become easier

Currently business look to promote on social media, drive traffic back to their site, introduce a call to action and then drive the visitor through to conversion. The needed behavior is life with trouble, because it requires the consumer or prospective business to take a lot of steps.

Fans Demand Personal Interaction

An increased demand for personal interaction with fans and followers. This means that fans today want to get to know the people behind the logo or brand and want to see who it is they are engaging with. Companies that have already grasped this concept are ahead of the curve. Not only are they seeing a lot more interaction with their content, but it’s also building a higher level of trust.

More Apps support anonymity

The web has gone back and for on anonymity. The early days everything you did online was anonymous. But that eventually moved to use your real name because of hate messages, bullying and even crimes.  If you weren’t going to say what you had to say using your real name, the web decided you probably shouldn’t say it at all.

It’s said the social media trend in 2015 will be going back to anonymous apps. We want to go back to the days of yore when we could go to a website, enter anonymously and make friends with like-minded people. We want the serendipity of making new friends around the globe, without necessarily knowing any of their demographic information.  We want to be able to say what is on our minds without a backlash of the social media mob.

Of course nothing we post online is truly anonymous, but these social networks will continue to gain steam and more will be introduced because we like the veiled privacy is all.