Software + Coaching Packages

Even with the best productivity tools on the market, if you don’t use them, you will not reach your potential. Coaching can help you build the skills you need to grow your business. These packages provide a way for you to develop the skills that you will need to take advantage of the tools in the PlanPlus Online Productivity Toolbox.

What stage are you at?   Each of our Coaching programs is customized for your situation and can be tailored to help you get to that next level of success.

*All of our Coaching Packages include the use of the PlanPlusOnline Business Edition Software Licenses.




Who’s it for:

-Are you an entrepreneur starting on a new venture?

-Are you a Leader, managing another person or considering hiring first employees?

-Are you a small business wanting to gain traction and growth?

-Are things starting to slip through the cracks, and want to get ahead of it before it gets worse?

-Do you have an established business and are looking to take on a new product or sales initiative?

-Are you looking to displace a complacent culture with something better?

Success can be a moving target. Technology improves but distractions seem to be one step ahead. What do you want to create? What do you want to be remembered for? When you can connect what you do with why you do it, you’ll discover new energy, focus, and determination.

PlanPlus Online and Productivity Coaching will help you master personal habits of planning, execution, and accomplishment.

The time has come to transition your role from technician to leader. Much of what you’ve been doing can be automated and delegated in order to gain personal and organizational effectiveness. How far can you take it? What is your vision?

PlanPlus Online and Productivity Coaching will help you leverage your personal habits and develop the systems and processes  that will create a culture of productivity, accountability, and success.

You see more opportunities than ever—but now the stakes are higher. The tools and processes that got you to where you are, may not be enough to get you where you want to go. You’ve got to figure out how to make positive changes without disrupting the success that has gotten you this far.

PlanPlus Online and Productivity Coaching will help you integrate existing solutions with new ideas.

Team Size


Team Size


Team Size

8 – 20+

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Whats Included:

The coaching and the tools to:

Organize your priorities, be accountable for your time and tasks, manage key relationships and information, set and achieve goals.

The coaching and the tools to:

Focus on sales growth, manage sales and prospects, create standard sales processes and terminology, sales automation to make you more productive

The coaching and the tools to:

Consolidate separate business processes, implement efficient automation,

Business Objectives / Outcomes

Build the right productivity foundation for your entrepreneurial or leadership success. Take responsibility for your own success.

-Manage Relationships
-Success Principles

Identify effective habits and patterns for success. Communicate and hold others accountable in an effective way.

-Sales Growth
-Personal Productivity
-Team Accountability
-Effective Sales Habits
-Sales Process Discovery
-Scalable foundation

Evolve the culture of your organization based on principles and processes. Develop scaleable processes and effective leadership.

-Purpose Driven Culture
-Sales Process Automation
-Business Process Workflows
-Customized CRM
-Integration with existing ERP

When you sign up for any of these coaching packages, you (and your team where applicable) will have access to all of the software features in PlanPlusOnline Business Edition Software Licenses. Your Coach will help you determine which features to focus on to help you navigate to your ideal “Culture of Productivity”.

The biggest mistake that most people & companies make when choosing CRM or Productivity software, is failing to make it part of the culture. With our coaching programs combined with our world class software, your chances of success go WAY UP!

Investing in coaching that can aide in developing good habits for the people in your company, is one of the best investments you can make. All of the best performers in the world have coaches….Do you?

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  If you are unsatisfied with any coaching session, we will make it right.

<<Details of Satisfaction Guarantee: When you join one of our coaching programs we commit to help you solve any problem that keeps you up at night, or gets in the way of your personal or professional effectiveness. If we fail to deliver value in one of our coaching sessions, we will re-do the session, or re-assign you to another coach if you request it.  If our technology falls short, we will help you find a work-around or ask our development team to find you a solution.  We don’t claim to “do everything” but if you will have an open mind, and be willing to “learn some new tricks” we are very confident we can get you to to a good place.