Why Two Task Lists Are Better Than One

List people.  If you’re one, you probably know it. If you aren’t one, you probably know someone who is.

What’s a “list person”?  Quite simply, list people like to make lists!  They (or more accurately, we) like to make lists of activities that need to be done.  These lists can be on Post-it notes, they might be on sheets of paper, in yellow note books, or for the more serious list-makers– in your PlanPlus Online account. The lists might be preceded by a circle or a square that you then fill in or check off once the items are completed. Some people like to cross the items off the list, other like to fill-in parts of the circle or square depending on how complete the task is.

Are you a list person?

To determine if you’re clinically qualified to be considered a list person, I have one criteria.  “Have you ever written down an item in your list AFTER you have completed it, just so that you could cross it off your list?” If you answered “Yes” then you are most definitely a list person. In most cases, there is an endorphin rush or dopamine high that accompanies the completion of the task. That is what keeps us coming back to making lists.

Two lists are better than one

Although list people like to make all kinds of lists, here are two types of lists that I recommend to give you the list makers high:

Daily Task List

A daily task list is a list of the tasks that you want to get done for the day. Start each day by jotting down the things that need to get done.  It’s also helpful to prioritize the list.  I recommend the A-B-C system for keeping track of those items that are A-Vital, B-Important, and C-Optional.

Master Task List:

These are tasks that are captured for future reference. These tasks do not need to be done in the short term, but you want to capture them in writing so that you can refer back to them at a later time.  Things like “plan the family vacation” or “buy xyz book” might be on your master list.  Another name for this list is your “someday” list or your “unscheduled” list.  These are activities that you have intention of getting done, but they are not critical to get done today, or even this week.

Fortunately, both types of task lists can easily be managed in PlanPlusOnline.com.

Watch this video about making the most of your PlanPlus Online task list.

Watch this video about making a Daily Task list and a Master Task list: