How Content Marketing and Social Media Can Close Deals

There are many reasons that content marketing can excel more than using the phone line. Several reasons are, content is available 24/7, SEO and search engines aren’t available by phone and you can’t send an infographic, slideshare or video over the phone.

So here’s the newsflash! Marketers and sales need to be good at producing content in a timely manner just as much as actual content writers. Here’s some good advice for those who can use some help in understanding how to come up with good marketing content:

A Content Marketing, Social Media selling recipe:

social media_mix

Awareness of your surroundings

Establish brand awareness and credibility by showing your customer you understand their challenge through content posted on your social channels and blogs.  You customers find out about your reputation through your social media channels and other customer.

Consideration of your customers

Drive your purchase consideration by having customers click through to your destination and/or  respond with a comment.  Engagement connects them to let them know you want to help them solve their problems.  Conversation combined with content will help you understand your customer’s problem.

Acceleration in action

Increasing relationships will help increase the leads in the sales pipeline.  By also delivering the right content at the right time, via 1-1 and other broader channels can result is good closings.

A website becomes a great asset when you’re doing B2B sales, because people from the other companies that you want to do business with will be searching for a lot of stuff about you and they will care a great deal whether you know about your industry or not. If you have any other great examples of how you increase your content marketing, or what you do to have great content marketing, please comment.