How To Jump-Start Your Small Business With A Smart CRM

Here are some ways to leverage a CRM to jump-start your business:

Cut out the bad data

Bad data in the form of duplicate records, missing information, inaccurate information, and outdated data can cost you almost $100 a record! With automated data capture, CRMs are becoming smarter and doing the work for you, like adding and updating contact records, de-duping multiple records,and filling in missing information.

Not only does using a smarter CRM give you a clean customer database, it also can give you back hours of manual data entry and maintenance by automating the tedious processes.

Expand access to data

By sharing customer data with your team, you can leverage the power of your network to find new opportunities to grow your business. Moreover, you can communicate and coordinate with less friction and operate like a well-oiled machine. Your small business will run a lot better and smoother when your team is all in sync and on the same page!

Expand access to related business tools

As your business grows, you’ll add different software services, apps, and items to support your business such as billing, marketing automation, and customer support, etc. With different data in each solution a smart CRM can integrate with every data source giving you a full 360 degree view of the customer with a record of each touch point across the business, thereby arming your sales and support team with all the information necessary to help or close deals when they go into their next customer meeting.

Provide productivity tools To power your work

Entrepreneurs and startups need a CRM that can go mobile and keep up with your work.  A great mobile CRM app will keep you connected with real-time updates on key deals, allow you to follow up, and quickly add notes directly after having a meeting to keep the customer record updated.

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With the PlanPlus Online Business advantage, you and your team can turn contacts into relationships, merge individual and team to-do lists into actionable, prioritized tasks, and coordinate your calendars into a single highly-effective tool that keeps everyone on-track and on-time. We specialize in tailoring the software to your specific business needs!

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