PlanPlus Online June Release Notes

PlanPlus Online is pleased to announce the following fixes:

General Fixes
  • Scroll task list by clicking on the scroll bar in Chrome browser on PC
  • Mandatory fields in leads recognized as filled in
  • “By” and “On” not functioning in task list for Thursday
  • CST not correctly returning current time
  • Restore auto-login and Chrome plugin links to the setup wizard
  • Goal detail: Line breaks display as <BR> in the goal modal for goal statement
  • Goal detail: Long goal title wrapping way too early
  • Hidden “No Role” until goals are loaded
  • Cleanup on field validation on task detail page
  • Disable task sync by default on google sync connector
  • Update user experience for “Need help logging in”
  • Updated CSS on error messages
  • Lookup user column in ppol_domains table on 02 for need help logging in
Vision Board Fixes
  • Add milestone in goal detail doesn’t show on board
  • Goals don’t inherit role privacy setting
  • Value tile shows up on vision board as a grey box instead of the image selected
  • Clicking to edit value in modal result in empty input and no way to exit
Weekly Planning Fixes
  • Completed daily tasks don’t show as completed in weekly planning
  • Goals with more than 40 characters pushes the hamburger menu off the weekly planning menu and requires you to scroll right to select that goal
  • Cannot select role emoji on weekly planning
  • Spinning wheels on weekly planning
  • Complete goal in modal doesn’t complete
  • Delete goal in modal doesn’t complete
  • Add milestone in goal detail doesn’t update
  • Completing milestone in goal detail doesn’t update
  • Add task in goal detail doesn’t update
  • Complete task in goal detail doesn’t update
  • Remove role from goal doesn’t correctly update
  • Changing role from goal doesn’t correctly update
  • Big rock goal not able to open
  • Unable to change goal role
  • Cannot select goal emoji
  • Unscheduled tasks showing scheduled project tasks
  • Daily tasks not showing scheduled project tasks
  • Nothing happens when hitting enter on new task
  • Updating a priority on Daily Tasks results in task section being “too wide”
  • When there are no goals for no role, spinning wheel doesn’t go away
  • After page loads with no goals under no role, page refreshes on adding new role
  • If there are no roles, “No role” shows up above Personal Balance