Top 10 Signs Your Business Needs CRM Software

Wondering why your business isn’t doing better or want to improve it? If you’re exhibiting any of these signs, it’s time for a CRM system.

  1. You are still sending an Excel spreadsheet to your sales manager.
  2. Your website has a “contact us” form, but no one knows where it goes.
  3. You have all of your sales leads on sticky notes and yellow pads.
  4. Your sales reps are fighting over leads.
  5. You don’t know who has “the marketing list.”
  6. Your best client just bought from someone else.
  7. You missed your quota last month.
  8. You know that leads slip through the cracks; you’re just not sure where they go.
  9. You need to make a dozen phone calls to coordinate a team meeting.
  10. You really have no idea from where your next sale is coming.

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