What are things you do to “Feel Organized?”

If you are an organized person, or if you just have a goal  to be an organized person you will likely be on a quest to find activities that will make you “feel organized”. Having a clear head can give you clarity to see things in new ways, to find new solutions, and can restore your energy to tackle life’s biggest challenges.  Because the “feeling” of being organized can actually reduce stress and bring clarity, we have compiled a list of activities that can help you feel organized.  Be advised, your  individual level of stress relief may vary.

1. Keep a detailed schedule. Being able to look back on your calendar a year later and remember what you did on an exact day can give you a great feeling of organization. It can also be helpful when the stakes are high. I recently had two separate people tell me how having notes from their calendar/planner saved them in a lawsuit in court.

2. Clean your desk/car/house/etc. Having a clean desk at work is a great way to feel like you are ready to tackle a problem. If you are feeling overloaded at work or at home, take a few minutes to clean your workspace and you will likely feel recharged.

3. Make a list.  If you are a list person, you probably already know it by now. If you are not, you should give it a try.  Many “list people” will tell you that they have been known to write something down even after they complete it just for the satisfaction of crossing it off their list. Keeping a list and checking it off can really make you feel organized.

4. Review your day, take notes. Get in to a regular habit of taking daily notes or writing in a journal. Then when you wake up and wonder where all the years went you will be happy that you have some notes to refer to

5. Have a meeting.  We have all been to one of those meetings where nothing actually gets done, but didn’t it sure feel good to talk about it. In all seriousness if there is a big problem that seems out of control, getting the key stakeholders together to discuss the issues is likely to bring some clarity to the overall agenda and leave you feeling like you have accomplished something. See these tips on holding an effective meeting.

6. Wake up early. Getting a head start on the day is a great way to feel good. Planning. Of course this one has to make the list.

7. Make a plan.  Planning is the art of figuring out what is going to happen before it actually takes place. This is a great way to reduce stress and feel in control.

This list was compiled from responses to a recent linkedin question. If you have other ideas or things that you do to “feel organized” please comment below.