What is CRM?

Perhaps you have heard of, or maybe you have used CRM software in the past or you currently are.. But what does CRM really mean? What is its real purpose?  Yes, it stands for Customer Relationship Management, but what is that… really?

Having an effective organization starts with having effective individuals. Individuals who know who to organize and prioritize give any organization as a whole, an advantage. Categorizing the types of contacts such as vendors, customers, prospects and prioritizing the interactions that you have with them such as sales opportunities or support tickets is at the heart of any CRM and it is what makes PlanPlus Online CRM great for business.  For those who care about placing a premium on personal planning and staying organized, why would this be any different with the way we propose you manage your customers in your business?

No one does CRM Software quite the way we do. We take the decades of experience in personal planning, goal setting, prioritization, and organization, and we carry this theme throughout the entire cloud based CRM software offering. This software is really developed with the sales organization productivity in mind, because we know you can’t manage customers if you don’t have customers.

PlanPlus Online CRM has fantastic pipeline management features including custom opportunity management, territory management, custom sales processes, lead management/parsing, forecasting tools, built in reporting, custom report building capability, and various triggers throughout to keep your salespeople selling.
Win more, grow more, manage better, with PlanPlus CRM!
CRM Features:

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