Announcing PlanPlus Online Aurora: A New Dawn

From the Director: Brian Garstka, Director of Product Management

Software as a Service (otherwise known as “SaaS”) is an ever-evolving landscape. Technologies shift on a daily if not hourly basis. The needs of customers and their businesses become the driving force behind short- and long-term strategies as well as the catalyst toward exciting innovation.

This is your voice. This is what matters.

Your feedback, suggestions, and willingness to let us understand your daily processes inside PlanPlus Online shape our Product Department’s roadmap of design and transformation.

From this, I’d like to share some initiatives that will change what PlanPlus can and will do for all of us as we move into 2016.

Announcing a New Version of PlanPlus Online: Aurora!

aurora-project name

We have transitioned all current accounts to PlanPlus Aurora.

It has been a while since PlanPlus Online received a face lift. While the adage “function is beauty” holds true, the standards for excellence in design and user experience on the web have been elevated. Thus we felt it was time for Aurora.

Aurora gives PlanPlus Online a new look and feel. The features from your old PlanPlus account are now easier to use, more intuitive, and more efficient. That’s just scratching the surface. With advanced API integration and cross-platform sync capabilities, Aurora bolsters a framework to support future generations of PlanPlus Online.

This will be a seamless transition for you. If you have any questions while using Aurora, we urge you to contact our customer success team  as they are always eager to help.

Native iOS and Android Sync!

Our devices have become extensions of ourselves, and as such, they need to posses the technology to keep us connected to all aspects of our lives – planning, productivity, and CRMs included.

We are upgrading both our native iOS and Android apps.

A key new feature is offline support that is sync-ready with PlanPlus Online, Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud and Google apps. So now, when you enter an appointment on your phone, it seamlessly gets setup on your PlanPlus and Google Calendar. Cool stuff!

Both apps are scheduled to debut Spring of 2016. You can find updates on our blog at If you’re interested in being a beta tester for these apps, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With many changes on the horizon, keep talking to us. It’s our lifeblood as a Product team. We value your feedback as we continually iterate and grow. Reach out at

A New Dawn

PlanPlus Online Aurora

There’s a lots going on, a lot to do, and most importantly a lot of fun stuff coming up! Be sure to stay tuned for updates, articles, webinars, videos, and of course for the new changes that will be rolling out to your account!