New Features in PlanPlus Online: Release Notes for April 27, 2016

Release Notes  167
Release Date: April 27, 2016

The following features are now available in your account:

  • Homepage speed improvement.
  • Fixed Task Delegation problem Chrome browser.
  • New custom field type: String Table.
  • New custom field type: encryption.
  • Added Custom Field Filters on Organization, Contact, Opportunity Summary pages.
  • Daily Task Reminders: Added B & C Priority tasks.
  • Entity Custom Fields: Improved search update functionality
  • Home Page Task list Interface Improvements on Task List drag & drop
  • Lead Page Duplicate Check: Now excludes matches with empty email field.
  • Improved multi-user calendar views.
  • Delete project task, now deletes child tasks.
  • Updated for new Business Edition Accounts: new DNA sales process and slight changes to custom fields.
  • Improved Project Export function.

What are we working on?

Look for the following features in coming releases:

  • External Form post to 3rd party application.
  • Planning features added to new mobile apps.
  • Improvements to new Professional Services offerings.
  • Option to select tab other than home page as default.
  • Zapier integration