Release Notes: New Features in PlanPlus Online

Here’s what was included in our latest product updates…

Aurora 2.12.2                 Release Date: Sep 20, 2016
  • Updated: Auto complete City/State for Postal Codes
  • Fixed: Hide delegated tasks
  • Fixed: Call popup from home screen
  • Fixed: Adding note from daily note center
  • Fixed: Display issue with all day appointments in 5-7-month view
  • Fixed: Delete 1 occurrence would delete all instances of recurring appt.
  • Fixed: shared calendar w/ recurring private daily appointments
  • Fixed: Issue with Quote PDFs
  • API work: Leads
  • API work: Calendar API, delete
  • API work: Location field to Appt
  • Added additional validation on Delete (contact / leads)
  • API work: Task, Notes, Mission/Values list (last update date)
  • Back to summary link on global opportunities search
  • Fixed: UI on reference date for Appointment
  • Fixed: Email unsubscribe not working
  • Fixed: Oppty update form, file link field
  • Remember me on login page
  • Fixed bug with Appt delete in Compass/goals
  • Fixed bug on recent Contacts/Org/Oppty
Aurora 2.11                   Release Date: Aug 05, 2016
  • Added totals to process step due report
  • New UI on Appointment acceptance page
  • Manage quote templates centralized
  • Added: ability to append documents to quote templates
  • Added: select a Contact email address for task delegation
  • API work  (mission/values)
  • Task deletes via mobile
  • Fix phone extension not showing on Opportunity detail
  • External Process update page, due date now pre-populates
  • Daily Agenda adding process steps
  • Fixed bug where delegated task was not sending email
  • Added ability for administrator to limit process step due date
  • Fixed: Last note not showing from process log in views
  • Fixed bug: re-import not to change Created by user
  • Added:  add attachments to daily notes
  • Added: multiple references to an object (without page refresh)