22 07, 2014

The Difference Between Good & Great Systems & Processes

I heard the saying once that the difference between a business that achieves consistent greatness versus a business that achieves occasional goodness is well-executed “systems and processes.”  Creating a functional and friendly system in departmental groups is a necessity in today’s business. With many people assuming a “me first” attitude and a “have to do [...]

19 05, 2014

How Henry Ford Changed the World with Efficient Systems and Processes

PlanPlus Online prescribes 5 building blocks for building Culture: Shared Values Communication, Language and Symbols Rituals and Routines Habits of Effectiveness Systems and Processes This week the spotlight is on the component: Systems and Processes The right systems and processes streamline tasks and increase efficiency. No one knew this better than Henry Ford. Ford started [...]

3 06, 2011

Six Steps to a Successful CRM Software Implementation

Here's a six-step approach to implementing your PlanPlus Online CRM and automating your business processes for maximum personal and professional effectiveness. Step 1- Time Management Before you start planning your implementation goals, it's important to identify how much time you have to work with. Plan a project that can fit within the time constraints that [...]