22 07, 2014

The difference between good and great systems and processes

The difference between a business that achieves consistent greatness versus a business that achieves occasional goodness is well-executed systems and processes.  Creating functional and friendly systems in every department is essential in today’s business environment. It's vital that companies create user-friendly manuals and training programs to encourage individuals to put systems and processes in place in order to [...]

19 05, 2014

How Henry Ford Changed the World with Efficient Systems and Processes

This week the spotlight is on the 5th building block of culture: systems and processes. PlanPlus Online prescribes 5 building blocks for building Culture: Shared Values Communication, Language and Symbols Rituals and Routines Habits of Effectiveness Systems and Processes The right systems and processes streamline tasks and increase efficiency. No one knew this better than [...]

3 06, 2011

Six Steps to a Successful CRM Software Implementation

Here's a six-step approach to implementing your PlanPlus Online CRM and automating your business processes for maximum personal and professional effectiveness. Step 1- Time Management Before you start planning your implementation goals, it's important to identify how much time you have to work with. Plan a project that can fit within the time constraints that [...]