Artificial Intelligence: PlanPlus Online isn’t just pretty, it has a brain!

When Artificial Intelligence becomes real

Artificial Intelligence is about to impact you in intriguing new ways! The new PlanPlus Vector 2.0 platform will accelerate your productivity with two simple words: “On” and “By.” Here’s how:

Using “On”

artificial intellegenceIf you have a task to take out the trash on Saturday, you enter: “Take out trash on Saturday,” and your task will show up on your task list on Saturday.

If you don’t get a task done on time, it’ll still show up in your task list, but it’ll be in red—to keep reminding you.

Using “By”

artificial intellegenceIf you have a deadline to “Read a report by Wednesday,” that task will be placed on your task list from now until Wednesday to remind you. Finish the report early, and mark the task as completed and it goes away!

Don’t forget those two important words: On and By.