From Brian Garstka, Director of Product

PlanPlus Online has seen a lot of changes over the past 18 months. From a refreshed look and feel introduced in Aurora and Vector, to new sync methods and ways to access your data across platforms…its been an exciting time!

While innovation in the technology space is necessary to the vitality of a technology company, innovation in the productivity space is fundamental to individual personal growth. 2017 kicked off a handful of new product initiatives aimed at weaving these two worlds of innovation into one cohesive productivity solution for you, our valued customer.

To keep you in the loop about what’s happening in our world I’d like to run through a few of these exciting new things in the pipeline!

Planning Redesign

The core of PlanPlus Online is its planning methodology – organizing your day against your core values, and prioritizing activities around roles and goals. We’ve done a good job with the current tools inside PlanPlus Online, but we thought…”we can do better.”

The Planning Redesign initiative focuses on improving system-to-user interaction as well as providing drastically improved insights into your productivity. Regular check-ins from the system to see how you’re doing against your plan, along with some very exciting new productivity visualization features highlight the work our User Experience and Interface Design teams are tackling.

We are targeting a mid-to-late September rollout of this fantastic feature.


As with our personal planning, we knew our existing dashboards provided adequate insights into sales activities, but again we thought, “we can do better”. A holistically rethought workflow and interface for the creation and display of dashboards is what our CRM product management team is addressing.

Some of the cool features to look for with our new dashboard package:

  • Customizable layout with mix and match widget types
  • Private / Public options per dashboard
  • Many new widget display types such as Gauge, Trend, Area, Multi-axis Line, Stacked Bar to name a few
  • Easy deep dive into the data behind the dashboard widget

The engineering team is currently in the middle of this effort and as such we don’t have a firm rollout date. I expect a version of our new dashboard module to be available prior to the new year.

PlanPlus Mobile

The launch of PlanPlus Mobile was a first pass at getting a presence on both the iOS and Android platforms. The intention was to provide a mobile solution for our Essentials customers focusing on calendaring and task management.

The time has come to circle back and focus on the next round of work: revised planning for our Essentials customers as well as Organization and Opportunity management for our CRM customers.

The “under the hood” work to kick off this project should be wrapping up mid-August, and our mobile product teams are aiming to start the v2 effort on these apps sometime late summer, early fall 2017.

There’s a lot going on, a lot to do, and most importantly a lot of fun stuff coming up! Be sure to stay tuned for updates, articles, webinars, videos, and of course for the new changes that will be rolling out to your account!