New Personal Planning Features

What exists beyond the Planning tab of your PlanPlus Online account will be the secret to your success at achieving your dreams in 2019!

Too many of us have lost contact with the deeply held values that matter, such as close family relationships, fulfilling work, service to others, following your own inner light, and sharing time and feelings and dreams with those we care about.

However, discovering what really matters most to you won’t necessarily be easy. You’ll have some digging and expect some mental energy effort to identify what makes you tick.

But, if you make the effort, you’ll discover what lies at the center of your being and you’ll be prepared to turn what matters most to you into meaningful goals. Then you can put those deeply held values and goals to work in your daily life.

Start now!

If you follow the new process outlined under the Planning tab, you’ll experience the inner peace that comes from living by your own inner compass, and you’ll unleash inner power and potential you may not realize are there to help you accomplish the things that are most important to you.

This process will help you understand who you really are—a unique individual with your own mix of talents, aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, feelings, potentials, and possibilities.

As you progress through the new planning process, there are no right or wrong answers, only your answers. The goal is to find out what matters most to you, not what others think should matter most to you.

Your life roles

We’ll look at all the various roles you have in your life—mother, father, partner, son, daughter, provider, nurturer, leader, employee, mentor, student, and others.

Core values

For each of those roles as well as your life in general we’ll identify the inner Core Values you subscribe to, values that govern how you live and function in those roles.

You’ll come to see the power and synergy that arises naturally from seeing these interrelationships clearly—your Why, your Core Values, and your roles—the three fundamental elements that define how you really are and what matters most to you.

Choosing meaningful goals

Once you’ve created a clear picture of the real you, we’ll move to the remaining steps of the process. You’ll identify meaningful goals related to the roles and values you’ve identified. Then you’ll find ways to make sure you’re doing something about accomplishing those goals on a daily basis.

When your daily actions reflect and relate to what matters most to you, you’ll experience the greatest of all prizes: inner peace.