To our community: A letter of encouragement from CEO Keith Norris

To Our Community:

The Coronavirus is rapidly changing the way all of us live and do business. While we do not expect any direct impact in our ability to serve our customers, our primary concern is about helping our customers and their businesses weather the economic impact that may be coming.

We have created a blog with more details and thoughts on how you can be part of the solution.

Calm Leadership: The simplest definition of a leader’s job is to make things better. Let’s try to not add to the panic. We should promote and encourage our community to be part of the solutions and not part of the problem. Let’s help bring a calm, and a proactive positive approach to a crisis. Let’s ask, how can we help? How can we make things better?

Community and Communication: Some businesses will need to rapidly make changes to deal with their changes in demand for their services. Please check in with your friends, family, co-workers, and find out who is in need and needs help, and who can offer help. Some of our friends may be laid off and some companies might be too busy to ask for additional help. Check in with your network and find out who is in each camp.

Personal Responsibility: Take proper personal precautions. As a rule of thumb: act like you’re the one infected. Wash your hands like you don’t want to transmit it. Think about your contacts—do you want to infect them? No.

Facilitation of remote work with free license add-ons: If you’re a company who can help facilitate more work-from-home options for your employees with additional licenses, we’re offering free license add-ons for the next three months. Please contact us to add users.

We have created a blog with more details and more thoughts on how you can be part of the solution.


Keith Norris, CEO

Complete XRM, Inc. (Home of PlanPlus Online)

PS: Please feel free to share any portion of this message with your own network.