You’ll get lost without time management!

Think of time management this way:

It would have been so easy to get lost…

Deep in the woods—surrounded by trees—everything in every direction looked the same! Without a handheld GPS device, pathfinding through the forest would have been almost impossible. The GPS device —about the size of a smartphone—is an electronic map and compass combined, which lets you know where you are—and easily helps you find your way.

In the same manner, finding a path through your day is almost impossible without a few simple tools:
  • Prioritized Task List—So you know your destination and each step you should take along the way. You know where to start and which steps are most important to take.
  • Monthly/Daily/Hourly Calendar—So you always know where you should be and what you should be doing in the course of your day.
  • Clock—Let’s you know how you’re progressing during your day and if adjustments need to be made in order to reach your destination.

PlanPlus Online Essentials is just like a powerful GPS device that goes with you wherever you go and lets you know which path you should be taking. A prioritized task list and calendar are only two of the tools included. For only .40 cents a day, PlanPlus Online Essentials helps you chart your course and track your progress.

Don’t start your day without this powerful personal productivity tool!