Free time: schedule time to be outside

Today’s highly effective productivity hack:

Schedule your free time!

Schedule your free time!One of my favorite activities is to head out to the wilderness with my camera to hike and explore (living in Utah makes that pretty easy). I just don’t do it as often as I’d like.

In fact, honestly, I’d feel a little guilty about actually scheduling free time on my calendar. After all, shouldn’t I be scheduling my work instead of my free time?

Maybe that’s why 43 percent of Americans don’t use up their vacation days. Who can take days off when you’re packed Schedule your free time!with work every single day?

If you want to take back your life, make sure to schedule ALL of your time—including free time.

By free time, I mean doing stuff that’s not work. This includes things like pursuing projects you’re passionate about, family time, and time for personal development.

Doing it is easy. Just add your free time activities to your calendar just like when you add meetings and deadlines. When you schedule what you do in your free time, you’re making that activity a priority. That makes it at least important as your work.