Goal Setting: How to Achieve them

We can all agree that goal setting is good. But if goals are so good, why aren’t we doing it more often? The truth is, while most of us have been trained to set goals—most of us have not been trained to achieve goals.

PlanPlus Online CEO Keith Norris has spent years examining the most effective goal setting methods and, as a result, has developed Progressive Goal Planning. Progressive Goal Planning offers innovative insights on goal planning, goal setting, and goal getting.

You can download the Progressive Goal Planning whitepaper here.

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Watch as Keith explains the importance of Progressive Goal Planning

Goal Setting Strategies

Are goals good?  We like to think so!  You have most likely been seasoned to make goals, but not to accomplish them. What is the problem? Why are you not achieving the goals you are setting?

You may poorly define the goal.  There can be a fear of failure that sets into your own mind, or company.  Fear generates an idea called goal avoidance, when you knowingly get around working on your goal.  Also, fear can spark an inattention to results.  This is a downward, negative cycle that is not helping you to achieve your goals.  Keith gives high quality advice on how to improve your idea of goal planning and how to actually follow through with your plans.

Muscle memory contributes to goal achievement.  You are familiar with the popular phrase, “practice makes perfect,” but do you apply that virtue to your life?  It may be difficult, which is why the method of progressive goal planning is so effective.  You should focus on an attainable, short-term goal.  One you are about 99.9% sure you will achieve.  The more successful you get at understanding how much you can take on, the more confidence you are going to build in your goal setting activities as time goes on.

You too can better your goal setting by following the simple steps Keith has developed in his Progressive goal planning method.