Why more hospitals and clinics are turning to PlanPlus Online for CRM

CRM for healthcare providersThe healthcare provider marketplace is fiercely competitive—the last few years have demanded that hospitals and clinics invest more of their budget on technology—not just technology for operating rooms and labs—but also patient reception and physician’s offices.

This investment isn’t just for the sake of having the latest technology, it’s to ensure that every touchpoint with a patient or prospective patient reflects the mission and values of that healthcare provider.

Increasingly, however, provider networks are discovering that one of the greatest returns on their technological investments isn’t found in the operating room—it’s in the adoption of a powerful and customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

A good CRM helps a hospital find, attract, and acquire new patients, nurture and retain those patients a hospital has, and entice former patients to return. What’s more, a CRM can help organize, automate, and synchronize business processes such as marketing and patient services.

PlanPlus Online offers what provider networks are seeking in a CRM platform

CRM for healthcare providersMany provider networks are finding that PlanPlus Online offers the most robust, customizable, economical CRM available. Our cloud-based CRM solution makes it easy to oversee patients’ information, organizational productivity, automate marketing communications, store documents, and manage individual and group calendaring, task management, planning, and goal setting.

However, as proud as we are of our comprehensive software engineering and development, and our years of relentless focus on the continual improvement of our product, what we’re proudest of is our ability to be invisible!

Here’s why…

The CRM from a patient’s point-of-view

We doubt that a patient will ever ask what CRM a hospital is using. (Sad, but true). Generally speaking, patients will never know a CRM is being used at all!

Instead, they’ll notice how responsive the clinic is to their questions and needs. They’ll notice that their requests are answered quickly and comprehensively. They’ll appreciate the with accurate, up-to-date information, and, in the end, they’ll thank the provider for the help—not the CRM. At PlanPlus Online, we’re happiest if patients don’t notice us at all.

The way we see it, Customer Relationship Management should be called Customer Experience Management. Most patients want their pain alleviated and questions answered—and an essential tool a provider network will use to meet those needs, is a nimble and customizable CRM—that’s where we come in!

Among the many additional PlanPlus Online CRM features that provider networks utilize, here are some of their favorites…

Patient and physician records

CRM of healthcare providersAt the heart of the relationship with each patient is the exchange of information—from a patient’s name and contact information to being able to refer a patient to a specific specialist—and thousands of other bits of information. PlanPlus Online securely stores all data and can be accessed with any digital device from a desktop computer to a smartphone or tablet.

Marketing communication automation

PlanPlus Online provides the tools for communications such as email marketing campaigns. For example, blast campaigns are excellent for monthly newsletters, special offers, or just sending a quick message to a large number of records.

In addition, drip campaigns can be used to create a series of emails that follow a specified order. If welcoming new patient, a provider might create a “Welcome to our Clinic” drip campaign.

Project management and processes

A hospital or clinic can manage projects, new hire processes, event plans, travel plans, service projects, and many more project types. Providers can utilize existing projects and associated tasks to build a project template for future use—and ensure success without forgetting a step.

What’s more, users can create custom workflow processes with predefined actions such as activity templates, action sheets, field updates, and more. PlanPlus Online allows users to assign a start and end date, prioritize, drag and drop, and delegate for an easy-to-use project management and business process solution.

Easy integration and APIs

PlanPlus Online offers numerous integrations such as websites, Outlook, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Docs, REST and SOAP APIs and more for integration into virtually any other existing internally-developed or commercial system, click-to-call, and website forms.

The benefits of a PlanPlus Online CRM

Let PlanPlus Online show how to use their CRM to improve the bottom line and enhance relationships with patients and physicians. Contact us today at 801-438-3460.